Top 7 Best Cast Iron Urn Planters to Grace Your Garden

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Cast iron decorative urns planters surely do remarkable work in promoting the functionality and aesthetic of both interior and exterior spaces. Among hundreds of piece to choose from, VIC desire to recommend top 7 best cast iron urn planter models ever that stunning your patio appeal.

Deciding on what kind of garden urn to buy can be daunting due to their massive selection available. To simplify the process, here, we will select and review the top 7 best decorative urns ever. It will save you from waste time on endless flower container categories and easy to opt for a matching design for your outdoor appeal.

1. Cast iron Garden Handle Urn Planter with Relief

Decorative planter urns are the precious element that can elevate your entire decoration to the next level. And one of the most popular and favorite planters ever is this model – the Cast iron Garden Handle Urn Planter with Relief.

Cast iron Garden Handle Urn Planter with Relief

It is an unique two-piece cast iron garden urn with a matching pedestal and lead handles that look like the basketweave. Including a fluted shape reflecting the Victorian style with decorative pattern, this would be an excellent fit for a theme of classic and colonial decoration.

With the aged antique weathered finish surface, this urn can definitely generate an even more old-school ornament. And because of the relatively heavyweight, it is likely to be the distinctive and elegant enhancement for your doorways, decks, porches, and patios.

2. Large Plain Classic Cast Iron Decorative Urns

Are you a fan of traditional or French decorating style? You adore the classic details, exquisite furniture, an array of decorations, but your space is limited?

In that case, the Large Plain Classic Cast Iron Decorative Urns is the item for you.  

Large Plain Classic Cast Iron Decorative Urns

Bringing quite similar vibes as the grand UP01 design – ancient simplicity. This cast iron cup-shaped urn with crisp details of a stylized lambs tongue edge is a more compact alternative.

This is a traditional form of historic vessel inspired by the Neoclassical taste. Combining with a finish of aged patina (optional), fortunately, the urn blends well, complements every decorative detail in your house, and also helps deliver a sense of grandeur.

With two sizes available: 50x70cm (33kg) & 33x42cm (12kg), this urn finds its suitable place both indoors and outdoors, from the room to the garden.

3. Wide Mouth Cast Iron Trophy Urn With Handle with Pedestal

Wide Mouth Cast Iron Trophy Urn With Handle with Pedestal

Antiques are inherent in Parisian interiors. They are a must of the European decoration concept and the centerpiece displays of your terrace, porch, or patio.

Therefore, if you aim at a more of the European delicate and romantic theme, then the lobed bell shape, fluted base urns with tall decorative riser is for sure the best bet.

This grand cast iron urn planter has elegant ornate handles and unique patina inspired by the appearance of Victorian ships in the early 1900s.

Not only for cultivating and displaying herbs and flower arrangement, but this urn is also an utterly charming focal point of your garden.

4. Vintage Cast Iron Trophy Handle Urn Planter with Plinth

Vintage Cast Iron Trophy Handle Urn Planter with Plinth

Along with the development of society and human lifestyle, home décor styles are also increasingly diverse. However, most people today are moving towards modernity, so what do those who want the vintage and splendor style have to do to decorate their living space?

One of the smartest and most effective choices is the dramatic Vintage Cast Iron Trophy Handle Garden Urn Planter with Plinth.

Having a quite comparable appearance to the 03 model, this 04 cast iron planter is slightly bigger and heavier.

This urn planter represents unparalleled elegance and antiquity by adopting an external update with an extra sophisticated detail burst on both the rim and the base.

Thus, this is undoubtedly a monumental and striking piece of decoration, ideal for those seeking a lavish royal concept.

5. Small Rustic Cast Iron Urn Planter with Base

Small Rustic Cast Iron Urn Planter with Base

Surely everyone is familiar with the “the simpler, the better” lifestyle trend.

That why we produce this 05 model – one of the most compact two-piece flower pots. With a distinct rusty surface, this planter can be installed independently or in a set.

The vase’s body is moderately tall with a plain top half and a scalloped-pattern bottom half. It is united with a twisted laurel-like motif pedestal, creating an elegant and minimalistic feeling for a contemporary exterior design.

This is an acceptable item for individuals who are keen on an item that can contrast the plants nicely and obtain a fairly decorative level.

6. Antique Oval Cast iron Urn with Handle – 2 sizes available

Antique Oval Cast iron Urn with Handle – 2 sizes available

The best piece of decoration ever for an antique look, gorgeously crafted in shabby style with a hint of rustic patina!

Available in 2 sizes: large (approximately 19kg) and small (approximately 7kg). This planter urn is made based on our insight into dear customers and what they crave for.

Planting plants in the pot are a brilliant way to bring nature into your home. For households with extensive housing and gardens, adding large pots is no problem. Whether the pot suits the overall décor is what matters.

If you are the person who values the decent shape of the 19th-century Victorian era and has spacious room in your home, then the large size of the UP06 oval planter pot is the one for you.

On the other hand, nowadays, the residential garden areas are increasingly limited. Apartments, mini-apartments, etc., are enormously expanded. With such a narrow living area, wanting a garden with adding decoration objects is something quite a difficulty, especially the one with extended handles. Understand this limitation; our foundry is launching another version of this oval planter: smaller, in lovely condition and patination that can flawlessly go both inside and outside.

7. Round Cast iron Decorative Flower Pot – 2 sizes available

Round Cast iron Decorative Flower Pot – 2 sizes available

This stunning 17th-century planter, a striking feature of famous French landmarks, traces its origins back to the 1600s.

Enhancing your home with our Anduze-style garden decor sculptures. A beautiful decorative of art for your home that can add interest to your space in such a simple way and appealing to the eye. Also, they are great as standalone, lining a garden pathway, or flanking your entrance.

The sweeping garland and signature stamped finish off this incredible piece. Available in two sizes, this is suitable at home in both traditional and modern settings.

Where to buy decorative urns in bulk?

As the top manufacturers and wholesale supplier of cast iron urn planters, we are so proud as our products are distributing across the globe.

If you are searching for a reliable partner for long-term cooperation, we are confident on our production capacity to match your requirement.

Choosing us as your cast iron urn planter supplier would make the right investment. With an all-inclusive range of products suitable for every architecture, our urn planters will assuredly gain your satisfaction with their eternal durability and remarkable looks.

Our cast iron decorative urns are not only available on stock but also custom according to client taste. At VIC foundry, we offer the OEM and ODM casting urn planter service that specially made piece of flower container just for you.

Please feel free to contact us and send your design or requirement. Our technical expert will work on it and give a quote accordingly.

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