UP01 Cast iron Handle Urn Planter with Relief

UP01 Cast iron Handle Urn Planter with Relief is an ideal addition to your porch or patio.


  • Cast iron construction
  • Base is available
  • Color coating, natural patina optionally
MOQ 100 pcs
Production Ability 800 ton per month
Lead time 15-40 days

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One of the most striking garnitures that can be especially appealing for your doorways, decks, porches, and patios is the massive, majestic UP01 cast iron urn planter made by VIC casting foundry. For the love of old rusty things, check out our winsome UP01 cast iron urn planter.

Product Specifications

Material Cast iron
Width x Height  (Urn) 50x70cm
Weight of Urn 66 kg
Width x Height (Pedestal) 44x62cm
Weight of Pedestal 64 kg
Total weight Approx (kg/set) 130 kg
Total Height 139cm
Surface Treatment Natural rustic, color paint (Optional)

Why our UP01 cast iron urn planters are exceptional?

Although cast iron urn planter comes with a wide variety of designs and surface finishes to suit various tastes and decoration themes, our UP01 model is loved by the majority of the vintage “holics” due to its high-grade quality, distinctive appearance, and long-lasting durability.

High quality cast iron material

Nowadays, the current exemplification of the material used to create durable decoration pieces is cast iron, which refers to a range of iron alloys.

As a vast experience casting foundry, we – VIC casting foundry guarantees that all of our cast iron used for urn planter casting are the finest durable cast iron construction you can find in the market. Besides, when tempered, these cast-iron structures are made sure to provide machinability with maximum strength and outstanding wear resistance.

Natural Patina

The UP01 version would significantly enhance a rustic visual decoration, which centers on rugged, natural beauty.

This garniture piece is an impressive two-piece cast iron urn planter with a matching pedestal and basketweave-like lead handles. Featuring a fluted shape and exceptional weathered rustic patina surface that is intentionally made, this urn planter can indeed embrace the nature-inspired charm, the earthy colors, unpretentious warmth, and take pride in place in your space.

Color painting/ Anti rust coating (Optional)

In case that the natural aged, well-worn piece is not your aesthetic, our foundry does deliver cast iron urn planter with vibrant color painting or anti-rusting coating option. Those cast iron urn planters treated with a primer and applied color coating to help prevent rusting and brighter your patio.

In short, when placing an order, you can freely choose between natural patina regulation and color coating that suit your desired decorating intention.

Last a lifetime

Cast irons include many metals with a wide variety of properties, including extraordinary durability.

Cast iron provides much better impact resistance compared to other materials, steel in particular, and is well known for its robustness. Therefore, you can be assured that our cast iron urn planters are produced to last for generations.

Cheap price

With a reputation for many years in the industry of manufacturing and supplying cast iron products, it is our top priority to always deliver customers products with the best quality, at the most competitive prices possible. And to emphasize one thing that “more affordable does not always mean less effective or lower quality”.

Advantage of cast iron urn planter

Furnishing your house or garden with our cast iron urn planter can elevate your space up to a new level. Cast iron urn planter is a sort of metal planters. Due to their signature historic-looking, they are popular among gardeners and decoration enthusiasts who prefer a classy, elegant, or grandeur look.

Also, cast iron planters are sturdy and are an excellent option for braving cold climates and surviving the winter, which significantly benefits your plant. Not to mention its life-long consistency and incredible endurance, the cast iron urn planter can weather nicely with pressure and damage.

Moreover, different cast iron urn planters offer different weight ranges, giving you some flexibility to determine what fits your concept.

Where this cast iron urn planter suit for?

Since our UP01 cast iron urn planter displays an ageless, old-school look, they can complement any decorating theme and landscapes, from historical to formal and contemporary places.

With the patina surface urn planters, they would be the best pick for a theme of classic and colonial decoration. On the other hand, with colored painting and coating ones, they can blend perfectly in modern locations.

Our custom urn planter service

If you want to get urn planters custom-made, consider VIC urn planter casting foundry.

Not only gaining a world-class reputation for product quality, but we are also known as the brand that carries a diverse line of cast iron urn planters. Therefore, we offer custom-made urn planters as your requirements (size, design, ornate, finish, etc., can be adjusted accordingly), and available in cast iron.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to open a discussion. Our technical expert will research your requirements and provide a quote accordingly to your destination.


Flower pot, urn planter, vase


Cast iron



Diameter on the top

50 cm




44cm Width x 62cm Height, 64kg Weight

Surface treating

Natural Rust, Color paint (Optional)


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