3 lamp post popular style

The 3 most popular lamp post styles: Origin and characteristics

Victorian, vintage, and contemporary are the 3 lamp post style which mostly favorite design in the lighting industry. While Victorian lighting pole features luxury and …

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flowchart of aluminum process

Flowchart of Aluminum Casting Process By Vietnam Cast Iron Co.Ltd

1. Control the raw material The material used for the aluminum casting is from 40% Aluminum Ingot + 50% Aluminum scrap + 10% others. 2. …

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Lamppost suppliers to saudi arabia

Street Lamppost manufacturer to Saudi Arabia | Our project

As a lamppost manufacturer to Saudi Arabia, in 2017 VIC successfully completed the lighting post project for our partner. 3500 street lampposts valued a half …

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Cast iron lamp post supplier to Netherland

Garden Lamppost manufacturer to the Netherland | Our project

2017 has marked a very successful lamppost project of VIC and Dutch partner. Totally 20.000 garden lighting posts were manufactured and delivered to the Netherland. …

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Most beautiful lamppost in Paris, France

The most beautiful Paris Lampposts – the highlight of Paris street decorations

Referring to the capital Paris, people are always associated with the phrase “City of lights”. Back in 1820, when Paris successfully developed a gas street …

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Metal foundry working process

How does metal foundry work?

The metal foundry is the facility that works on creating the casting product by pouring the molten metal into the mold. It manufactures casting parts …

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