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You can find different best cast iron kettlebell choices and custom made kettlebells here at our foundry that match your budget and workout goal.

Our cast iron kettlebell is offered in color painting and powder coating and ranged in a full weight set. Its high quality feels great in your hand suiting on various workout such as building strength, muscle, cardio, balance. Custom accordingly to your specifications, we can make a unique cast iron kettlebell set just for you.

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How we manufacture cast iron kettlebells?

At our foundry, we manufacture cast iron kettlebell mainly by the lost foam casting process.

Lost foam kettlebell pattern
Kettlebell and its foam pattern

This casting method allows casting complex details on the kettlebell surface such as logo, digit, pattern, etc. Moreover, the roughcasting kettlebell made from this process maintains a high smooth surface and minimizes casting defects such as porosity.

Hence the kettlebell quality is increased as well as keep a reasonable price as compared to other methods.

Kettlebell made by us is guaranteed:

  • Smooth surface finish 
  • Tight tolerance: +/-100 gram
  • Last a lifetime
Roughcasting kettlebell at vic foundry
Roughcasting kettlebell made by VIC

As the OEM kettlebell manufacturers and suppliers to a diversified world need, we custom kettlebell in accordance with your demand and requirement. Simply send us your drawing or request, we can also offer an ODM service that takes charge of design your own kettlebell just made for you.

Our kettlebell quality control process

Effective quality control is critical in manufacturing to ensure product quality, fulfill consumer expectations, and minimize the need for recalls. That's why at VIC, we consider this process as an indispensable part of our production of any kettlebell lines.

Rather than waiting for an entire batch of low-quality items to be manufactured and then inspected, we – VIC, adopts numerous inspections during the manufacturing process to minimize liability risks, save time, resources, and contribute to the overall positive branding of our kettlebells.

To achieve the best result, we divide the quality control process into several steps with the combination of Operators who control the production process and ensure minimal variation and Engineers who regularly monitor the product design for issues.

quality control process at VIC
Quality control process at VIC

When a problem is detected, it will be fixed immediately to ensure the quality of our product before shipping to customers; plus, to handle any issues that arise in a timely manner.

Kettlebell quality control process at VIC
Kettlebell quality control process at VIC

Why You Should Train With Kettlebells?

Kettlebell is used for a lot of exercises and becomes one of the most favorite all one home gym set and fitness equipment of athletes, weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts. It is like all in one gym set that can be used for a whole-body workout either at home or a professional gym center.

For those who are still seeking out “Are kettlebell workout good”, the answer is definitely it is.  Kettlebell offers great flexibility that can use for different workout exercises and every muscle group, therefore it brings a lot of benefits for the entire body.

Kettlebell is all in one workout tool
Kettlebell is all in one workout tool

Here we list down some of the biggest benefits you can gain from starting a kettlebell workout:

  • Muscle building

Despite its simple design, kettlebell exercises can affect all major muscle groups including the core, chest, shoulder, back, arms, legs, glutes. Especially, Swing, Deadlift, Squat, Press, Lunges workout with a kettlebell will help activate the core muscle group very well that boosts the muscles on the body to develop quickly. Due to its excellent benefit on muscle building, the kettlebell is the favorite set of most gyms, professional athletes, and bodybuilders.

  • Fat burning effectively

Most exercises with kettlebell sets are compound workouts that use many muscle groups at the same time and burn a lot of calories. As estimated, a one-minute kettlebell workout burns about 20 calories that are effective similarly to running in the 6-minute mile.

It is such a great way that you will burn more calories in a shorter time comparing with another exercise. One plus point is that the kettlebell workout is flexible. You can burn fat all over the body anywhere in gyms at home, the gym at the office just with one kettlebell.

  • Heart health Improving

Exercise with kettlebell sets also helps improve cardiovascular health effects. Specifically, the kettlebell workouts at high intensity will boost your heart pump up and increase your body's stamina. And if exercised regularly, it will improve cardiovascular health very well and prevent heart-related diseases.

  • Balance increasing

Kettlebell exercises will help our bodies become faster, stronger, and more resilient. In addition, some special exercises such as Swing, Goblet Squat, Deadlift, Clean or Military Press, etc. will help increase the balance while improving the flexibility of joints on the body. Moreover, participating in a proper workout will also help the bones and joints system in our body be healthier.

Types of Kettlebell

Going to any kettlebell manufacturers and kettlebell wholesale shop, you will be overwhelmed with a tremendous weight set. Yes, the kettlebell comes in an array of choices, ranging in various weights, colors, designs, and materials.

However, there are two basic types of kettlebell called cast iron kettlebell and competition kettlebell.

These two kettlebell types have their own features that everyone might not know. So, let’s find out what main difference between these two standard types and which kettlebell set you should choose.

1. Cast iron Kettlebell

Cast iron kettlebell made by VIC casting foundry

Cast iron kettlebell is more popular with everyone since when they talk about kettlebell they think about “cast iron”. Cast iron kettlebell is made of solid cast iron casting and typically classify with competition kettlebell by its handle design.

Typically looking, the handle of a cast iron kettlebell is wider than its bell. Its handle design allows the exerciser to grip the kettlebell with both hands while doing the workout. These types are popularly used and you can find them at any kettlebell manufactures and kettlebell wholesale.

Who should use a cast iron kettlebell?

  • Exercise beginner who just starts a workout and doesn’t get used to gripping handle for a long time and needs a wider width.
  • Exercisers who take two hands required workouts such as swings and goblet squats.

2. Competition Kettlebell

Competition kettlebell product

Competition kettlebell differs from cast iron kettlebell in way that its handle is smaller and squarer in design than cast iron weight.

The popular handle diameters are about 33 mm to 35mm and the handle is aligned with the bottom portion of the bell. Its gripping is designed to use by just one hand. The smaller and slimmer kettlebell handle helps to grip better and seamless in one hand movement workouts.

Kettlebell manufacturers are often custom-made this competition weight set for specific lifting professional competitions or some of the gym fitness but not as popular as cast iron kettlebell set.

Who should use the competition kettlebell?

  • Professional athletes who strictly doing one arm movement workout
  • Exerciser and athletes aim to join a professional kettlebell competition someday
  • People who have small hands that can grip handle by both hands.

Recommended Kettlebell Weight

Kettlebell manufacturers and wholesale supply a lot of weight set, in a range of sizes commonly from 5kg to 50kg. It surely will make you confused if you just start a kettlebell workout idea. You may ask which kettlebell weight is right for me? Or what size kettlebell should I use?

Proper kettlebell weight will help you achieve better workout goals and prevent injury during exercise. Actually, choose kettlebell weight depends mainly on a few factors including:

  • Exercise types: Ballistic vs. Grind
  • Your experience in weight lifting
  • Workout goal

Choose kettlebell weight based on your exercise types

Kettlebell workout includes two main exercises that are Ballistic and Grind.

Kettlebell weight recommends for Ballistic exercise

Ballistic exercise, also known as explosive exercise, is a workout that stimulates human-ballistic movement, involves throwing and jumping.

Some ballistic kettlebell exercises are swing, cleans, snatches, juggling, tossing.

The kettlebell size recommended for the ballistic workout is:     

  • 16kg kettlebell cast iron to 24 kg (35lbs to 53lbs) for men
  • 8kg cast iron kettlebell to 16 kg (18lbs to 35lbs) for woman

Please notice that this weight is recommended for the exerciser who is above 18 years old.

Kettlebell weight recommends for Grind exercise

Grind exercise requires control in movement and often slower than ballistic exercise. This type of exercise involves less stress, hence, it is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Some of the common grind exercises such as presses, deadlifts.

The kettlebell weight for grind exercise is lighter than an explosive workout.

Kettlebell weight recommended for grind exercise is:

  • Cast iron kettlebell 8kg to 20kg (18lbs to 44lbs) for men
  • 6kg kettlebell cast iron to 12 kg (13lbs to 26lbs) for women

Please notice that this weight is recommended for the exerciser who is above 18 years old.

Choose kettlebell weight based on your weightlifting experience

Kettlebell comes in a range of weight
Kettlebell comes in a range of weight

Best kettlebell weight for beginners

For a beginner who just starts to do exercise, you should choose a lightweight to learn proper movement and let your body get adopted gradually. Remember this size when you go for kettlebell manufacturers or wholesale.

The best kettlebell weight for a starter is:

  • Cast iron kettlebell 8kg (18lbs) for women
  • Cast iron kettlebell 12kg (25lbs) for men

Best kettlebell weight for training experience exerciser

Those who are not new to weight training can exercise with a heavier weight to reach their goal faster.

  • The best kettlebell weight for men at this level is to start with16 kg (35lbs) and then progress to 20kg and 24 kg kettlebell.
  • The best kettlebell weight for women at this experience level is to start with 12kg and progress to 16 kg.

Choose kettlebell weight based on your workout goal

As mentioned at the beginning, a kettlebell workout brings tremendous benefits and an individual comes to this exercise with a certain goal.

Depending on each certain goal, there are recommended kettlebell sizes to help you achieve your target properly and faster. You should know which size you need to match your goal before come to any kettlebell manufacturers and wholesale.

Best kettlebell weight to gain strength

To gain strength, it is most effective with kettlebell swing exercise. This workout recalls a lot of muscle groups on the body, hence it gives effect faster than other exercises.

You can do the workout with 2 kettlebells on each hand for better benefit, but it is not recommended for those who are not at the intermediate level.

The best kettlebell weight to gain strength is:

  • 16 kg for men and 12 kg for women with one-hand kettlebell swing exercise
  • 24kg for men and 14kg for women with double-hand kettlebell swing exercise

Best kettlebell weight to build muscle

A lot of kettlebell exercises you can do to build muscle like Turkish get up, Double Clean & Press, Double Front Squat, Seesaw Floor Press, Double Snatch, Bent Press.

To build a solid body and good muscle, you should select the right kettlebell size in accordance with a certain exercise.

The best kettlebell weight to build muscle with the Turkish Get Up exercise is:

  • For men, it is recommended to workout with kettlebell ranges from 13kg to 22kg.
  • For women, you should choose sizes from 9 to 13kg.

Best kettlebell weight build muscle with Squat and Goblet Squat exercise is:

  • 20kg of size weight for men
  • 12 kg of size weight for women

How many kettlebells do you need?

cast iron kettlebells

Kettlebell is such an all-in-one gym equipment. You can do a lot of exercises and gain benefits with just one kettlebell. However, you will become stronger and get full benefits with double hand exercises.

We recommend that either you just start or are at an intermediate level, you should have 2 to 3 kettlebells in different sizes. That will allow you to scale up and down your exercise flexibly.

  • Best women's kettlebell set includes 3 sizes: 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg
  • Best men’s kettlebell set includes 3 sizes too: 12kg, 16 kg, and 24kg

Where to buy cast iron kettlebells

cast iron kettlebells
Cast iron kettlebells made by VIC

If you are doubt Who makes a good kettlebell, here we have at Vietnam Cast Iron. We are one of the top kettlebell manufacturers and distributors to many fitness traders and wholesale across the world.

At VIC foundry, we offer a full-size cast iron kettlebell weight and design tailored accordingly to customer specifications. A range of solutions is custom to your taste. Here we have powder paint, color coating, OEM logo design that will surely meet up your need.

Our cast iron kettlebell is processed by sand casting and lost foam casting that will save your money and investment, the surface finish is smooth guaranteed, and the weight tolerance is very tight, just +/- 100 gram.

Contact us today to make the unique cast iron kettlebell set just made for you.