Our casting Aluminum foundry

VIC is proud of being the top cast aluminum foundry and a professional manufacturer who produces and supplies high-quality aluminum and aluminum alloy casting service to the world market.

With fully aluminum casting equipment and working expertise, we confident that any single of our aluminum casting pieces are well-processed and minimized casting defects.

Aluminum casting service

Aluminum is widely applied in many different industrial applications because of its lightweight, versatility, and good resistance to corrosion. Our production capacity and expertise allow us to satisfy different customer requirements. From very small pieces to large aluminum castings parts, from a simple process to super detailed and intricate products we can meet all your demands.

We have experience working on many aluminum projects and gained high appreciation from our partners across continents. Our casting parts serve a range of industries, from industrial, agricultural, transportation, construction, cookware, etc.

Kindly check below photos for reference of our aluminum casting ability.

Cast aluminum patio furniture (cast aluminum lamp post/benches/dinning set)

Cast aluminum ornamental parts (fence/balluster/flange/frame/etc)

Cast aluminum pump accessories/ pump housing

And so many other OEM aluminum casting parts such as valve, cookware, mailbox, griddle, automotive parts, hydrate pipe, etc.

Our Aluminum casting process

At our aluminum foundry, we process aluminum casting parts by two main techniques that are sand casting and lost foam casting.

Sand casting aluminum

Included green sand casting and furan sand casting, these molding methods are uncostly and effective when using to cast aluminum parts. While the green sand technique is applied for simple and less complicated aluminum casting pieces, furan resin sand is preferable for intricate and high precise casting requirements.

Lost foam aluminum casting

Not popular as sand casting, however, lost foam casting is an excellent solution to process aluminum casting order requiring high precision and smooth surface finish.

Advantage of our aluminum casting parts

1. Strength

Aluminum is also used as an alloy to improve its mechanical strength when cast because aluminum itself is not exceptionally strong; some of the alloy components are copper, manganese, magnesium, and silicon. The aluminum alloy will then proceed through a casting process that adds toughness and strength to the material and makes it more useful.

Also, the strength and endurance of cast aluminum are greatly determined by the technique of foundry casting.

At VIC aluminum foundry, we own fitting metal handling practice to produce the most satisfactory casting results with outstanding strength and durability, which has been pleasing customers around the globe for years.

2. Less machining required

Machining operations are carried out to achieve a high surface finish and dimensional precision using cutting tools to remove unwanted materials from the castings and fit them in the desired shape. However, it results in costly pieces price.

Fortunately, with extensive experience in metal casting and excellent skills in the aluminum casting industries, we aim to maximize the product’s perfection while at the same time minimizing machining necessity so that consumers can offer high-quality aluminum casting items at a fair price.

Moreover, our lost foam casting method can achieve a near-net-shape so the process of machining can be eliminated to produce finished parts.

3. Low cost

One of our most outstanding achievement is the economical sand castings cost for intricate designs and mass production of all parts. Our sand molded casting is one of the cheapest methods these days. Due to the reduction of machining costs, low set-up cost, and relatively low-priced material expenses, as the sand used for mold making can be reuseable, we aim to limit customer tooling payment and make the purchase feasible.

4. Fine Surface Finish

After years of manufacturing aluminum castings, our products are recognized worldwide to have a polished, even, and smooth finish.

In order to deliver clean, shiny, silvery appearance products, our casting engineers conduct a range of processes that meet different aluminum surface finish requirements.

The procedure ranges from the first step – designing innovative and detailed molds or patterns, choice of mold material, mold coating, compaction methods, machining, and finish, etc.

Besides, our lost foam technique produce dimensionally accurate workpieces while maintaining an excellent surface finish.

5. Close tolerance

Different materials and processes require different standards. Depending on the particular procedure, tolerances are considered according to the customer’s requirements and specifications regarding positions and length (per inch).

For example:

  • In terms of lost foam casting, with typical size ranging ounces up to 300 lbs, the tolerances ranging from ± .007″ to 1″ ± .010 1-3″ then add ±.003″/inch.
  • In terms of sand casting, with typical size ranging ounces up to tons, the tolerances ranging from ± .03″ to 6″ then add ±.003″/inch Add ±.020″ to .090″ across parting line.

When tolerances are not achieved, various risks can occur, such as scrap metal, consumer warranty problems, products not working properly, extra machining costs, etc.

As a result, tolerance plays a significant role in metal casting, and we always concentrate on how to mitigate it to reach the closest tolerance.

6. High Quality

To manufacture the best product quality to international customers, good mold quality and technique are not enough. Controlling the entire process and upfront engineering are the other elements to guaranteeing high-quality aluminum castings. At VIC aluminum foundry, the whole production process’s supervision is remarkably consistent to ensure quality and minimize unexpected flaws.

7. Complex Shapes

Complex casting shapes of varying wall thicknesses and designs can only be produced ideally if appropriate techniques are used.

Lost-foam casting is a type of evaporative-pattern casting process that uses an expandable polystyrene (EPS) pattern. Since the pattern is made of polystyrene foam, its durability is undeniably related to transforming into any shape. However, some forms of foam can actually be used to create precision, highly complex metal shapes by our lost foam casting technique.

The bottom line 

At our aluminum foundry, we constantly develop our casting expertise and invest in high technologies to look towards bringing the highest satisfaction to our partners. 

You can put your trust in us because we always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to understand your need and delivery on time.

All aluminum casting process at VIC are tightly inspected in every step, from input material, melting, pouring, casting, machining, to packaging, we appoint human resource and set up inspection criteria to filter qualified and unqualified casting products.

An investment in our aluminum foundry will surely worth your money. Kindly recommended to browse our website to get to know more about our casting capacity and contact us to place a discussion.

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