Are you seeking out the grey iron foundry for casting parts? We have it here, at Vietnam Cast Iron.

Grey iron foundry and manufacturers

VIC is the leading OEM grey iron foundry and casting part supplier to the world market. Inherit casting traditional craft from our great grandfather, we have experience and capacity to process a variety of grey iron casting parts, from several kg to dozen of ton.

Our gray iron casting services serve wide range of industries, particularly machinery, construction, urban decoration, agriculture, industrial, cookware, fitness, etc.

At our grey iron foundry, we apply different molding technique to process the grey iron casting in accordance to customer’s specific requirement such as green sand casting for large volume and less precise-required products; furan resin sand casting when there are complicated and high precise casting parts; or lost foam line to process smooth surface casting finish.

In addition to grey iron casting service plays as the core working field, VIC also offers machining to the grey iron casting parts including drilling, milling, turning, lathe, etc.

Believe in quote “We succeed when our customers achieve their goals” VIC always looks toward to delivering the best quality gray iron casting to our beloved partners.

Our grey iron casting services

As an OEM grey iron foundry and company, VIC processes a various gray cast iron applications, from small to very large casting parts, simple to intricate piece.

We have done big casting projects that grey iron casting parts weight more than hundreds of kilogram such as litter bin, lamp post base, gear box, urn planter.

To complex detailed and precise-required grey iron casting applications such as pump casting, ornament urn planter, automotive parts, etc.

And many others grey iron casting parts as customer drawings and requirements such as Valves, hydraulic components, pumps, steering knuckles, weights and counter-weights, machinery bases, automotive, etc.

Grey cast iron grades/classes

VIC has flexible ability to manufacture and process a range of grey cast iron grades and classes according to different international standards.

  • SAE J431 Standard (for automotive casting parts): G1800, G2500, G3000, G3500, G4000
  • ASTM Standard (USA): Class 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60
  • JIS Standard (Japan): FC100, FC150, FC200, FC250, FC300, FC350

Table of Properties of ASTM classes of gray iron

Grey iron class Tensile strength (ksi) Compressive strength (ksi) Tensile modules, E (Mpsi)
20 22 83 10
30 31 109 14
40 57 140 18
60 62.5 187.5 21

 Table of Properties of SAE J431 grades of gray iron:

Grey iron grade Brinell hardness Tensile strength / hardness
G1800 120-187 135
G2500 170-229 135
G3000 187-241 150
G3500 207-255 165
G4000 217-269 175


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