Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy ductile iron manufacturer? Here we have Vietnam Cast Iron foundry. 

Ductile iron foundry and supplier

VIC is the leading ductile iron foundry and manufacturer in Vietnam and supplies casting parts to the world’s need. We provide custom ductile iron casting products serving a range of industries such as agriculture, water supply, and drainage, transportation, automotive, hydraulics, irrigation, mining, etc.

Our ductile iron foundry products are manufactured mainly by sand casting and lost foam casting processes. The casting parts are corrosion and heat and tear-proof with very close tolerance. Machining, painting, surface treatment are also included.

With skillful labors, expert technical team plus up to date equipment, our works are towards delivering the best ductile iron casting pieces for competitive prices to customers.

Our ductile iron casting services

Ductile iron features excellent strength and ductility in comparison to grey iron and maintains similar properties as steel. Due to many mechanical advantages, ductile iron is increasingly used to replace steel when casting complex shapes, especially the crankshaft of light engines; medium and large machine parts requiring high load capacity, tensile, and impact resistance.

VIC ductile iron foundry’s capacity can process different requirements, from heavy to large casting parts, from simple to super complicated drawings.

Check below some of our ductile iron casting parts to get to know more about VIC production capacity.

Ductile iron grades

Ductile iron material comes in several grades divided by specific standards. In the USA, ASTM 356 is most commonly used to classify ductile iron.

According to ASTM 356, ductile iron is divided into 5 grades. Each grade concludes 3 numbers, in which the first number indicates minimum tensile strength (in kips per square inch); the second number indicates minimum yield strength (in kips per square inch), whereas the third number indicates elongation during the tensile test (in percent).

These five ductile iron grades include:

  • Grade 60-40-18
  • Grade 65-45-12
  • Grade 80-55-06
  • Grade 100-70-03
  • Grade 120-90-02

At VIC casting ductile iron company, we process various types of ductile iron grades in different international standards. You just need to tell us what ductile iron grade you want, we can know what mechanical properties you require and manufacture casting parts accordingly.

Ductile iron properties

– High tensile strength and yield strength, in the range of 400 – 1000MPa, which is equivalent to ordinary carbon steel like CT38 or C45.

– Has relatively high ductility and toughness, although it is lower than steel but much higher than gray iron. Therefore, the cast iron is less brittle.

– Moderate hardness (~ 200HB) so it is easy to process.

– The dilution of ductile iron is higher than that of steel and the freezing point of ductile iron is lower than that of steel. Hence the casting ability of ductile iron is much better than steel. Ductile iron also allows casting thin-walled parts easier than steel material.

– Since the density of ductile iron is less than that of steel (about 8-10%), ductile iron can be used instead of steel to reduce the weight of machinery.

How to place a ductile iron casting order with VIC?

If you are looking for a qualified ductile iron casting manufacturer and supplier, don’t hesitate to contact us to make a discussion. VIC offers both OEM and ODM ductile iron casting services, hence send us your drawings or simply express your casting requirement and we will take care of the rest.

Our lead time varies on quantity and type of casting parts, often around 1 to 2 months to complete the order.