Best quality Casting parts for competitive prices

Green sand casting

Green sand casting

Green sand casting is an uncostly, versable, and friendly molding technique widely used in metalworking. At our foundry, the green sand process is preferable to manufacture simple detailed parts, small to medium-sized casting pieces, and large volume orders.

Furan resin sand casting

Furan resin sand casting

Furan resin sand casting is a no-bake sand mold process that maintains pretty excellently in casting good quality and smooth surface finish. The furan molding technique is excellent by producing castings with a smooth surface and good appearance, high precision, and fewer defects. We apply this casting technology to process intricated shaped castings, large-volume parts, and high precision required orders.

Lost foam casting

Lost foam technique is a type of evaporative pattern casting that is advantageous by high precision, smooth surface finish, tight tolerance, and less casting defects. Because of its precise casting ability, our foundry often prefers this process to manufacture complicated and detailed casting parts.

OEM grey iron casting bases

Grey iron casting

Here at VIC metal foundry, we process custom gray iron casting applications, ranging in almost all industries. Our casting production capacity can process gray iron castings weight from a few grams to a few tonnes. Different grey iron grades and classes are flexible in our ability, either ASTM, SAE J431, or JIS Standard

Ductile iron drainage

Ductile iron casting

We custom ductile iron casting according to customer drawing and requirment meeting international standards. Our ductile iron products are manufactured mainly by sand casting and lost foam casting processes. The ductile iron casting parts made by us are corrosion and heat and tear-proof with very close tolerance and excellent tensile strength.

Steel casting

Our metal foundry mostly processes carbon steel and low alloy steel for almost all industrial applications, from marine, construction, agriculture, machinery, automotive, aerospace, to water supply and drainage. With casting parts, our steel casting company can process from a few gram steel casting pieces to large volume up to 2000 kg, from simple and complex details tailored to customer specifications.

oem cast aluminum top

Aluminum casting

Being advantageous over aluminum casting cost in comparison with other counterparts, VIC cast aluminum not only overwhelms other suppliers by a very competitive price but also delivers excellent quality. Also, our aluminum casting ability comes in flexibility in different requirements, from small to big casting parts or super complex pieces, we all have solutions. Our casting aluminum serving wide applications. Some of them can be listed such as ornamental parts, pump, valve, automotive, etc.


Not only casting, our metal foundry can process machining services such as turning, milling, lathe, drilling upon the customer’s request. Equipped with high precise machine and skillful labor, our machining services can meet your satisfaction by high quality in every single piece.

Patternmaking service

Pattern making

At VIC foundry, we are proactive in pattern making/tooling for the sand molding process. Here the pattern is mainly made of metal particularly aluminum and processed by high precise CNC machine. With high proficient pattern-design team and workers, we can manufacture proper patterns that contribute to creating high precision casting parts as required.

Urn Planters

We are able to manufacture cast iron casting urn planter with a range of style, weight, and height for different need, from garden, street, park, etc that meet your need. Our cast iron urn planter offers natural rust or color painting that is upon your resquest. This timeless piece is such great highlight to outdoor decorative furniture.

Metal foundry dumbbells


Casting cast iron dumbbells with different designs and weights tailored according to your requirements. Hex dumbbells, weight plates, Olympic weights are of our production capacity. Powder coating, color painting, custom logo are your optional. Tight tolerance is in +/- 100 gram and high smooth surface finish guaranteed.

Cast iron kettlebell products


You can find best cast iron kettlebell choices and custom made kettlebells here at our foundry that match your budget and workout goal. Our cast iron kettlebell is offered in color painting and powder coating and ranged in a full weight set. Custom accordingly to your specifications, we can make a unique cast iron kettlebell set just for you.

Lamp posts

Lamp post is an indispensable item in decoration and lighting system. As our core product, we are able to manufacture all of casting lamp post parts including base, pole, lighting arm and ornamental accessories. Our custom lamp post is constructed in high quality cast iron and aluminum; comes in any design and requirements; and guaratee to be durable, stylish and un-costly.