UP03 Wide Mouth Cast Iron Trophy Handle Urn With Pedestal

UP03 Wide Mouth Cast Iron Trophy Handle Urn With Pedestal is truly a decorative item to your home patio landscape.

MOQ 100 pcs
Production Ability 800 ton per month
Lead time 15-45 days

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When it comes to setting up an urban organic terrace or garden, urn planters are not only used to preserve ornamental plants but are favored for esthetic purposes. Locating our UP03 cast iron garden urn in your space helps sun your plants, enhances your landscape patterns, and even renews the entire design.

Product Description

Name Urn planter, vase, flower pot with a base
Material Cast iron
Dimension 96 cm Height (included base) x 58 cm Width
Weight 75 kg (included base)
Surface treatment Natural rusting patina, color paint (Optional)

Our UP03 cast iron garden urn features

Natural Patina

Patina is a toned or darkened layer formed from oxidation or other chemical processes through time and direct exposure to the atmospheric elements. This layer covers the outer surfaces of metals such as copper, brass, cast iron, to name a few, and even appearing in wooden and stone furniture.

In addition to its function as a protective layer for decorative surfaces, the patina provides a unique elegance and is preferred by many classic decor enthusiasts.


Because those who have good taste in decoration would have a great fondness for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of decoration, not the typical, spotless, and shiny flower planter. So far, many have invested in acquired patina cast iron garden urn because those are viewed as the primary indicator of authenticity, the presence of time, and have stories to tell.

Available pedestal

In particular, this UP03 model is a two-piece cast iron garden urn.

The set of two separate items: a trophy urn planter and a sophisticated matching pedestal with a square base, allows for more flexibility as it can be put indoors and outdoor.  Due to garden space restriction, we promote this model along with a metal stand to enable garden lovers to organize and arrange plants according to their desired locations.

However, if you already have a high surface for this flower planter, feel free to use this planter separately. Otherwise, we recommend it with a pedestal.

In wet weather, harmful rot and mildew can build up from overwatering and become particularly saturated with water. And a stand will do the job to keep the pot out of excessive water, whether in outdoors or a non-porous environment. Thus, it benefits the plant’s development and the appealing visual of the urn planter.

Wide mouth

The UP03 cast iron garden urn is an antique low profile replica influenced by the French style of the early 1900s, which centered on an exceptional appearance.

It has a relatively wide mouth with an incised decorated band, coupled with a sunk body, which will likely embrace and complement plants and flowers with short roots and medium stems. In addition, mixed cropping can also be carried out in this single container.

If you’re planning to grow a cluster of Lobelia, Myosotis, ornamental grass, or perennial heuchera, etc., then this planter would be an ideal purchase.

Handles Included

Not only is this divine jardiniere a nice medium size in a classic French style. For the ease of relocation as well as visual enhancements, we especially customized the UP03 urn planter with extended Rococo scrolled leaf handles.

Hence, this exquisite unique French petite cast iron garden urn would make a great contrast and blend well with various contemporary pieces.


Urn planter is primarily set up outdoors, encountering numerous environmental conditions, hazard climates, and physical impacts; thus, high maintenance and longevity are the critical characters of a high-quality urn planter.

At VIC, all cast iron products are constructed with excellent finishing, particularly urn planters. From the domestic material sources to the casting and machining processes, all products are built by highly trained professionals.

Wherefore, rest assured that our antique UP03 cast iron urn planter is your best investment in the long run.

Short Lead Time

We agree that nobody likes waiting since it can go far beyond frustration, and we also want to deliver products to consumers as soon as possible during the swell in demand.

So, concerning mass production capability and rapid shipping policies, we are delighted to announce that VIC has managed to minimize production lead time and that any demand for cast iron urn planters can be quickly adapted.

Where this urn planter suit?

Nothing can show off your antique collectibles like our UP03 urn planter!

With premium design and dedicated patina layer, this urn planter is the perfect addition to the antique and majestic concepts.

Besides, it can mix well in the living room, the patio, at the entry, or displayed in the garden.

How to buy this UP03 cast iron garden urn?

Plants offer natural beauty and energize your living space!

Fortunately, our urn planters come with a range of designs and sizes to accommodate your plants, and hopefully, they can be an innovative and artistic creation to your garden.

Engrossed in our UP03 cast iron urn planter?

Do not hesitate to contact us right away to get a quote and place an order.

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  • Email: [email protected]
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Urn planter, vase, flower pot with base


Cast iron


96 cm Height (included base) x 58 cm Width


75 kg (included base)

Surface treatment

Natural rusting patina, color paint (Optional)


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