Casting technology

Casting is the manufacturing process that molten metal is poured into a mould, which contains an emty cavity in the shape of designed pattern, and then become solid. The solidified part is casting, which is ejected or broken out of the mold to complete the casting process. There are 3 main casting technologies: green sand, furan resin, and lost foam.

6 types of casting

6 Different types of casting process used in metal foundries

Here we list down and discuss 6 different types of casting processing commonly applied in metalworking foundries. Check here to specify the different types of casting process, pros & cons, and applications of each casting technique. Casting is a metalworking process in the foundry that used to manufacture casting parts severing a range of industries, …

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Lost Foam Casting

What is the lost foam casting?

Lost foam casting is often used to cast small to medium complex products from some metal alloy materials. The final products maintain high precision and good surface finish. Continue series blog of casting technology of Vietnam Cast Iron, this article will bring a brief and concise summary about the lost foam technology which often used …

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Furan resin sand casting

What is furan resin sand casting?

Furan resin sand casting is a no-bake sand mold process, which furan resin plays a role as a bonding agent. This molding technique maintains pretty excellently in casting good quality and smooth surface finish. Whereas, some limitations are high cost and high raw material requirements. Nowadays, numerous techniques are applied to process cast metal products. …

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Green Sand Casting

What is Green Sand Casting?

The article provides a concise explanation about green sand casting, which is one of most popular molding methods in metalworking industry. The knowledge is presented understandble by manufacturing expert of Vietnam Cast Iron. From the definition, properties, processes, to application, it is very easy to understand either you are a professional or fressman to the …

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