UP02L Plain Classic Cast Iron Urn Planter – Large size

UP02L Large Plain Classic Cast Iron Urn Planter are eye-catching by their elegant visuals.


  • Made of Cast iron
  • Sturdy and heavy enough
  • Optionally natural rust or color coating
MOQ 300 pcs
Production Ability 800 ton per month
Lead time 15-45 days

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Are you looking for natural rust urn planters that fit ideally indoors and outdoor? Are you keen on vintage formal garden designs that are both decorative and time-honored? Check out our UP02 cast iron planters right now for a clear vision.

Product Description

Name Flower pot, urn planter, vase
Material Cast Iron
Dimension 70 cm Height x 50 cm Width
Weight 33kg
Base Optional
Surface treatment Natural Rust, Color Paint (Optional)

Our UP02 cast iron planters features

To roughly describe this model – we would use the phrase “a refined centerpiece statue“. With convenient size options available and iconic form, this cast iron urn planter is an absolute decoration to adorn your garden, and it can be positioned at the entrance or even within the interior.

Natural Rusting Patina

Bringing the vintage rustic spice to your space, we are proud to introduce that this UP02 is the most striking ornamentation you have ever seen.


Inspired by the antique European décor, one of the most incredible features of our cast iron planters is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind weathered rust patina finish. Perhaps you might be wondering why so many people fancy this. It is because they can spice your space up with historical air reminiscent and incorporate an ageless look to the entire area.

A sturdy, color-painted planter is relatively nice, but nothing can compare with the natural weathered rustic ones; they are unparalleled. Many people might think that: What’s so special about this rusty crusty finish that they are seemed to be adored by various home decor experts?

Rusting patina sounds like an indeed frustration. But in decoration, when each piece of ornament develops patina distinctly and impressively, unintentionally, this unavoidable process helps to add incredible patterns to the ornament itself. Moreover, by contrasting perfectly with the green of the plant and supporting other elements, from the hint of color to the shape of the objects, the crusty patina is the attribute that reveals the charm of your plant and the garden. Hence, create an elegant accent for your home.

Elegant style

The UP02 low plinth cast iron planter owns an all-in-one design that can blend well anywhere, on any occasion!

The signature design of this centerpiece is the daily visual addition of everyday need for something called “beauty“. You can notice that the graceful, elegant curves, with classic lines of this urn, can quickly draw people’s attention and appeal to the eyes of both vintage and modern individuals.

Medium size

Standing stunning is not enough; size also matters, especially in architectural decoration.

Promoting this flower pot product as an eye-catching and versatile piece of decoration, we intend to ease the customer’s purchase by launching two size ranges, available in Large (50x70cm – 33kg) and Small (33x42cm – 12kg).

Short Lead Time

In order to improve customer satisfaction with any order, our foundry offers a desirable short lead-time. This ensures that you will spend less time waiting for the product to arrive, and it also allows for greater flexibility according to market demand and significant fluctuations.

Lifetime Warranty

Our cast iron urn planters are one of the most enduring ornaments that you can purchase nowadays. However, to gain customer’s trust in the product and to reaffirm the product’s quality itself, VIC offers a lifetime warranty that works against defects in materials and workmanship for every single one of our cast iron urn planter.

Where this UP02 cast iron urn planter suit for?

With its moderate size, classic shape, and minimalistic decorative motifs, this flower pot can be positioned anywhere and does not require a limited specific decorative theme. From classical, modern to places with a sense of ancient Europe or exquisite style, this metal urn planter can surely be the stunning architectural interest that anyone who visits the garden would have to envy you.

Thinking of bringing this masterpiece inside? Feel free to do that; we are sure that this planter can grace your indoor space considerably.

How to order our UP02 cast iron planters?

If you need further information, get a quote and place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact information:

Vietnam Cast Iron Co.Ltd

  • Address: Lai Xuan, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong city, Vietnam
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +84 08 6543 0133

Flower pot, urn planter, vase


Cast Iron


70 cm Height x 50 cm Width





Surface treatment

Natural Rusting Patina, Color Paint (Optional)


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