Cast iron pump housing

Vietnam Cast Iron (VIC) provides OEM pump casting parts (housing/impeller/mounting bracket) for various pump applications. From the water pump, fire pump, centrifugal pump to the sewage pump, we have especially facility to offer pump casting parts for all. Our cast iron pump casting is featured by anti-corrosion, strength overpressures, and durability over time.

The pump housing is such a significant part, working to protect the inner rotor of a pump. Especially, among materials, cast iron pump casing is pretty preferable due to its excellent advantages.

VIC is one of the leading OEM pump casting parts. Our casting pump parts are exported oversees from American to European continents.

With respect to cast iron pump casting house, we are able to manufacture various styles and designs according to customers’ drawings and requirements.

Applied advanced molding technologies, machined by skillful workers, and supervised by technical experts, all of our cast iron pump casting products are guaranteed to have corrosion resistance, strength, and durability over time.

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List of our cast iron pump casting parts:

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What is a pump housing?

Pump housing
Pump housing

Either small or big sizes, all of the pumps primarily serve to move fluids (waters, gases, etc.) from inlet to outlet by boosting its pressures.

The pump housing is casting enclosed the inner parts of a pump. This component is very important because it works to protect the inside of the pump to atmosphere to prevent leakage and retain pressure.

Taking an example of centrifugal pumps, the casting housings surround the rotor which transmits energy to the fluid handled via the impeller mounted on the rotating shaft.

Centrifugal pump housing
Centrifugal pump housing

With respect to positive replacement pumps, the casings surround the rotary or reciprocating displacement elements.

Especially with the submersible pump, the casing part is required has to be sturdy enough.

What is needed in a pump casting housing?

The pump housing is a very important part of the pump. Proper casting housing contributes to the pump’s performance and durability. Therefore it should be chosen carefully from material to the manufacturing process.

There are some of the core requirements needed in a pump casing.

Firstly, the most imperative is that a pump house has to guarantee corrosion resistance. Because the pump mainly deals with the fluid transmission, the casting material for the pump case must be able to withstand corrosion.

Maximizing pump efficiency through reduced corrosion
Maximizing pump efficiency through reduced corrosion

Secondly, the pump body part also needs to be sturdy enough to bear up against pressures and stresses imposed when the pump works.

Pump body part
Pump body part

Thirdly, the diameter of a pump housing also needs to be large enough to enclose the inner machine rotor parts with enough clearance for installation and efficient operation.

Why cast iron pump casting housing is preferable in the application?

Among pump housing materials, cast iron is often trusted by the manufacturer to produce the case part as it meets these above requirements.

Cast iron features physical and medical characteristics that suitable for pump housing manufacture.

Corrosion Resistance: The gradual increase in temperature makes the liquid to turn more corrosive. Cast iron material maintains feature as an anti-corrosion casting metal. This property supports pumps to work more effectively and durable overtimes. Cast iron pump housing is especially preferable for high-temperature applications.

Strength: As mention above, the pump case is required hard enough to withstand pressures. And cast iron pump housing has demonstrated pretty strong and has the ability to bear stresses.

Casting-ability: Cast iron material has good casting-ability. It is able to cast almost any shapes and designs with good surface finishes. This property allows for casting different pump housing applications.

Durability: Cast iron material is very durable over time, therefore cast iron pump casing is also long-lasting. They require replacement and maintenance less often than other materials.

Cast iron pump casing is also long-lasting
Cast iron pump casing is also long-lasting

How to manufacture a cast iron pump casting housing?

At Vietnam Cast Iron, we manufacture cast iron pump housing by green sand casting technology.

We manufacture cast iron pump housing by green sand casting technology

We manufacture cast iron pump housing by green sand casting technology We manufacture cast iron pump housing by green sand casting technology

We manufacture cast iron pump housing by green sand casting technology
We manufacture cast iron pump housing by green sand casting technology

Green sand casting is one of the first and popular methods used in mold sand technology and often applied in metal casting foundries. This molding method is characterized by using green sand as the main material to create the sand mold for the casting.

Green sand casting method is often used in metalworking foundries due to its outstanding advantages. Below lists some of the major advantages of casting pump housing by the green sand method.

  1. Firstly, the average cost to produce a cast iron pump case by green sand casting method is affordable and reasonable because this mold casting method doesn’t require complicated processes and high-tech machinery.
  2. Another benefit of green sand technology is its versatility with production. Casting by green sand is flexible in the choice of molds and patterns. It allows to cast different shapes and designs of the pump housing.
  3. Furthermore, the green sand casting is an environmentally friendly process where the mold aggregated can be treated and repeatedly used. The sand can be reused many times after adjusting the composition.

Why you should choose Vietnam Cast Iron pump

casting housing?

VIC is the leading cast metal manufacturer in Vietnam. Our company can supply various products (OEM) according to the customers’ drawings and requirements.

All of our products are processed by skillful workers, high technologies, and technical expert supervision. There are numerous projects we have carried out and gained high appreciations from our partners.

With respect to pump equipment, we are able to produce cast iron pump housing for different applications. From water pump, fire pump, centrifugal pump to a sewage pump, we have especially facility to cast casing parts for all.

Our cast iron pump cases are featured by:

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Quality Warranty
  • Competitive price

We don’t work for short term profits, we work to build the long term strategic partnerships with our partners and affirm the brand of VIC. Therefore, all of our products are manufactured with a sprit that quality is our priority.

An order with VIC will save you money upfront and long term. Call us today to find out how we can make your project exceptional.

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