Vinyl Kettlebell Vs. Powder Coated Kettlebell: who is the winner?

Vinyl vs powder coat kettlebell

Recently, the triumph of kettlebells has encouraged manufacturers to progressively produce multiple variations with different finishes to diversifying selection. Among various items, the two most popular emerged are the powder-coated kettlebells and the vinyl-coated kettlebell. So which one is better for you? Let’s find out in this article!

All of us must have been familiar with the compact, versatile and affordable kettlebell tools. They are everywhere, lining every gym, fitness center, and even in some home gyms. But are they the same thing? Absolutely not!

Each kettlebell is promoted with a distinct shape or finishes to identify its type and specific features; hence, it shall target different needs and requirements.

What are they?

Initially, let get to know them!

So what are powder coated kettlebells?

Powder coated kettlebell is exceptional stunning

In terms of pricing, functionality, and durability, this kettlebell is on the top preference and can be categorized on the selection directly above most other product lines.

Considered to be the most durable types of kettlebell ever made, powder-coated kettlebells are made of cast iron and then covered with a powder coating layer to ensure both functionality and overall look.

Powder coating application is a high-grade level of conventional paint – a solid coating that is superior to any other finish. With decent corrosion resistance, combined with a matte textured finish, the gripping experience of the powder coated kettlebells is significantly improved. From there, users can rest assured using this kettlebell for heavy workouts.

And what are the vinyl coated kettlebells?

Vinyl kettlebells come in a wide range of designs. They seem to be an excellent choice among beginners with an added vinyl coating, covering the cast iron bell or sometimes extending partway up the handle.

Although vinyl is classified as a thin layer of protective covering material, consisting of synthetic resin or plastic, regarding kettlebell construction, it is primarily designed to serve aesthetic purposes. What’s more, it’s because of the vinyl coating that this kettlebell is more slippery and hard to handle when it’s wet, which can be disadvantageous when you sweat during the workout. Therefore, many experts recommend this type of kettlebell for low-impact exercises.

Vinyl Vs. Powder-coated kettlebell: Which is better?

With each model launched in the market, kettlebell manufacturers will always have a particular intention behind the design and the material they prefer. And at the same time, they target different customers. Thus, to decide whether the powder coated kettlebells are better or the vinyl is better, you’d need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each type.

1. Appearance: Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

The powder-coated kettlebell is very similar to the original cast iron one – simple and standard. They are mostly available in classic black with the color-coded handle horns, which are incredibly useful for users to quickly identify the weight of a bell from far distances.

In contrast, the vinyl kettlebell is an eye-catching product line, so if you have a colorful personality, then go should go for the vinyl one. This type of kettlebell is well-known for its attractive appearance and diverse color selection, from basic colors like white and black to vibrant shades of green, blue, red, etc.

2. Performance: Powder Coated Kettlebell

One of the most significant factors determining whether or not you should purchase sports equipment is its performance. Whether you are trying to build muscle, lose weight or gain stamina, the performance of the kettlebell you choose to use must be high standards.

While powder coated kettlebells are used in every gym and favored by many professional athletes, vinyl kettlebells are most commonly used at home. This has indirectly verified which type has a more outstanding performance. Not to mention that the powder coating finishes are sturdy and matte, which benefits your workout entirely as it won’t be slippery or hard to grip. While vinyl finishes are a lot greasier, making it quite dangerous to use for heavier kettlebell workouts.

Powder coating finishes are sturdy and matte, which benefits your workout entirely

Unexpectedly, even Sarah Lurie – a certified kettlebell instructor, has assumed that vinyl kettlebells do not enhance your performance. It’s because covering with vinyl would cause the kettlebell’s size to be skewed, and it’s not exactly like what the manufacturer indicated on the label.

3. Safely: Powder Coated Kettlebell

You might think that when the metal is coated with something soft, it will be safer and more comfortable to use than the sturdy cover.

But that is not the case, especially with kettlebells.

Depending on the trainer, kettlebell training can be either dangerous or beneficial. Consequently, coordination, technique and education are required no matter the material to limit the risk of injury or other accidents.

With the finish that is electrostatically charged, treated with heat, then hardens to obtain not only a tough but matte surface, perspiration is no problem. As for vinyl, do you remember the slippery vinyl floor in your home? You must have been so careful stepping over when it’s getting wet, right? The same thing happens with the kettlebell, and of course, it is extremely dangerous, especially when you’re doing heavy weight training.

In addition, you should not fall for some claims that vinyl kettlebells can “protect your floor” because vinyl coated, powder coated, or any other type of weight can damage the floor surface once they are heavy enough.

4. Durability: Powder Coated Kettlebells

The superior powder coating is the most durable form of kettlebell coatings available. It delivers a textured feel for a reliable grip and resists excellently against scratches, abrasions, and chips. Hence, it would also be better able to resist rust and corrosion than any other conventional paint.

Different coatings have varying lifespans, and the longevity of a product depends highly on various factors. However, it has been shown that the powder coating is one of the most long-lasting finishes ever. It can last up to 20 years if well protected against consistent use, UV light, and other outdoor elements.

Powder coating is one of the most long-lasting finishes ever

On the flip side, the durability of vinyl kettlebells is just average, and it won’t give much endurance as it starts to crack and peel. More importantly, the fact that when a kettlebell is covered, you are not able to see whether any holes from the mold were filled with different material other than cast iron. So how are you going to compromise for a product, which its durability is undetermined, and you don’t even know what is inside it.


When decide to purchase workout gear, investing in a superb, high-quality kettlebell is the perfect way to enhance your strength and fitness level. Although both powder coated and vinyl coated kettlebell have their own pros and cons, powder coated is still a better choice. Vinyl kettlebells may look fancy and flashy, but they can not win powder coated kettlebells over performance, longevity, and safety.

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