Degraded Lamp post: How to repaint and dress up your lighting fixture from drab to fab

how to Make up the lamp post

Is your lamppost expose rust and paint peeling after a time of use? Check this post, you will find the simple step to repaint lamp post and makeover your curb appeal by renewing and refreshing the degraded lighting fixture look.

After a long time of installation, we often see that our lamppost fixture quality starts degrading. Besides the broken or crack problems, the most common scene is paint peeling and rusting.

These surface issues lower the aesthetics not only of the lamppost itself but also of the curb appeal. In some cases, others even may judge you as a careless owner by ignoring the exterior outlook.

Recommended speaking, your outdoor lamp post needs to be painted as often as your home which about every five to ten years to maintain the pretty look.

Find below the Vietnam Cast Iron guidance on how to repaint lamp post and refresh the degrading lighting fixture. Simple steps but surely transform your lamppost to look fresh and new.

Step 1: Prepare work

Prepare the tools to paint the lamp post
Prepare to paint the lamp post

Repaint lamp post doesn’t challenge your mind, just make sure you have enough tool for the work. Simply, you need to prepare steel bristled brush, sandpaper, newspaper (or painters tape), primer (optional), and topical coat. That is all.

Check your whole fixture and localize the degraded parts. Commonly the lamp post pole often expose defects more than the lighting arm section.

After that, you can consider removing your lamppost fixture or not based on the convenience.

Normally, for the lamppost which is taller than 3m, we recommend taking the whole lighting fixture set apart for easily painting. For the lower height, you can either disassemble lamppost components or directly work on the installed one.

Step 2: Cleaning the surface

Remember to clean the surface rust/corrosion before painting
Remember to clean the surface rust/corrosion before painting

The long use of metal lamppost will expose rust and paint peeling defects. To start, you have to remove all the rust and peeling layers in the lighting pole surface. If you fail to do so, the new paint layer won’t stick on the metal and the final finish won’t be smooth.

Additionally, lighting post material such as aluminum and cast iron also require scratching up the surface a bit to allow the primer and paint to adhere better.

Working on it, easily you can use a steel bristled brush to remove the rust and peeling paint areas. Put your force to brush as much rust and peeling as you can. Next, use the sandpaper to sand the surface finish once again.

In the foundry, they often put the degraded lamppost part to the shot blasting machine and the lamppost is also cleaned better.

After removing all the peeling layer and sanding the surface, use a damp rag to wipe off the fixture to clean remaining dust.

Step 3: Cover the part without painting

Use old newspaper or painter’s tape to cover the lamppost glass in the top or any part which you don’t want to apply painting layer.

See which parts included in a lamp post:

Also remove nearby item (if there are any) unless you want your other things also get dress up.

Step 4: Primer the lamppost component (Optional)

Primer Paint Rust Cast Iron
Rusty metal primer – paint the lamp post

The primer is not a requirement for the lamppost, but we recommend, especially for outdoor installation.

You may don’t know that the painting itself applying on the metal surface does not provide the permanent finish always. The paint layer is often loosened after time without the primer.

Hence, applying a primer will help the topcoat better adhere on the metal lamppost part. Also, the next paint layer has better outlook too.

To apply the primer, you can use a primer spray can or brush. Wait for the primer layer dry (20 minutes or more depending on the primer type). Add another primer coating and again wait for drying.

Step 5: Apply the topical coat

Apply the topical coat
Apply the topical coat

To this step, you are to the end of road. Now, let’s paint the lamppost with your paint choice.

One of the easiest ways to paint the lighting pole is to use the painting spray can designed for metal surfaces. Otherwise, you can also use a brush or spraying gun optional.

We recommend you should choose the painting which provide the anti-rust protection, hence you will no need to worry when placing it outside.

Apply server coating (2-3 layers recommended). Allow the coating dry for a few hours. After that, check the painting layer as a whole.

Step 6: Completed

Lamp post after painting
Lamp post after painting

Remove the painter’s tape and newspaper, assemble and install the lamppost.

The above provides on how to repaint degraded lighting post step by step. It is pretty easy to do by following our guidance. By the way, you should consider between repaint for cost-saving or blow fresh to your curb appeal by setting other lamppost designs.

If you are looking for outdoor lamppost, feel free to contact Vietnam Cast Iron. We provide OEM and ODM lighting post casting for the world market. Browse our website to get to know more about us.

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