Patina urn planter – the beauty of age

Beauty of cast iron patina urn planter

In recent years, metal garden urn planters have become particularly trendy. Not because these sturdy urns help protect the plant, but their enchanting patinas are what makes people obsessed.

Container gardening has long been popular among vegetable gardeners, but so far, people worldwide have known it because of the decorative urn planters.

Typically, a garden urn planter is a type of decorative and ornate container that can be made from various materials from wood, plastic, clay, concrete to ceramic, etc. Still, only metal urn planters can offer the most desirable patinas.

What is Patina?

The word “patina” originated from the Latin “patĭna” (for “pan” or “shallow dish”), which can be referred to any natural fading, darkening, or other signs of age.

So what exactly does Patina mean?

On a metal surface, Patina is a colored film or a coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides, carbonates, sulfides, or sulfates formed by prolonged exposure to atmospheric elements. It also refers to the cumulative changes in surface texture and color resulting from human and the natural use of the material.

How is Patina different from other similar chemical processes?

Unfortunately, many people are confused between Patina and another kind of surface impurities: Rust.

Just like Rust, Patina is a non-technical definition for metal corrosion products that cause stains and marks on the metal surface. But they are not the same.

  • First, Rust is caused by deterioration, while Patina is made through oxidation.
  • Second, both moisture and oxygen create Rust, but only oxygen exposure can cause Patinas.
  • Commonly Rust refers to iron or steel corrosion, which appears in red color, while Patina is often used to refer to protective oxide layers formed on metals like brass, copper, and bronze.

The beauty of patina urn planter

Briefly, Patina acts like a protective coating on the surface that can make the metal urn planter rust-proof in the long run and helps protect it from weathering as well. But that’s not the “name of the game”.

The idea of Patina in ornament was put forward by the Europeans. Unlike conventional containers, patina urn planters allow growers the opportunity to create elegant garden aesthetics without much effort because the urn themselves are unparalleled exquisite.

In fact, not only urn planters, any product described as “patina” are being sold out very quickly, that this word appears to be such a catchword in the decoration industry.


Patina urn planter owns uniqueness
Patina urn planter owns uniqueness

Do you know why the majority adores such old rusty crusty urn planters?

Let’s take into account the perfectly manufactured urn planters with shiny, vibrant paint, which commonly packed in bulk in any store. They are nice but do people want to keep buying average products, or they want something distinctive, something unique?

Of course, they’d prefer the latter one. Why, you may be asking?

First of all, it’s a part of human psychology that since Iliad times, we desired rare, unique objects, and patina urn planters can do a terrific job of distinguishing your garden from others.

Fantastic charming 

Second, though patina urn planters are not exclusively rare, they definitely look rare and can elevate your space to a whole new level. In other words, it is now the era of patinas.

People with excellent taste prize uniqueness and genuineness and nothing can beat that of the patina urn planters. They know how precious patina urn planters are, and in their eyes, these planters are not only “the perfect imperfect”, but the “the beauty of age”.

Indeed, the truth is that there is no such thing called “perfect”, and even if there is, it’s boring, just like the flawless, colorful urn planters mentioned above.

Someone once said: “Imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective”, and it surely is. Who can ever expect that it is the unmistakable, weathered texture and color of Patina that make them stand-out, looking majestically and become incredibly valuable.

Yet, not only is it unique, the formation of patinas also varies with each metal, which provides enormous diversity.

For example,

The brass patina will darken to matte brown, with tinges of green, while Bronze and Copper’s surfaces will develop a vivid greenish-blue pigment (Verdigris). In terms of Iron, the surface will age to a deep red-brown, which is a kind of rust, and gradually produce beautiful old layers of peeling paint. And the Lead surfaces eventually develop a pearly, softly mottled complexion of Patina.

Regarding urn planter, to achieve the most spectacular patina finish, cast iron would be the ideal material base. And most patina urn planters nowadays are made of this metal.

Cast iron urn planters with patina
Cast iron urn planters with patina

In detail, the Patina on cast iron is iron oxide. This is what we call “rust”; however, this rust is not invasive and only acts as a coating layer to prevent deeper rusting. Hence, not only does this Patina enhance the urn planter’s visual appearance, but it will also not damage the structural integrity.

The top pick of décor professionals

Furthermore, old-looking patina urn planters deliver an antique aesthetic satisfaction that is recommended by various décor professionals. As a matter of fact, they are listed as one of the most worth-buying vintage ornament.

Whether it is a natural patina urn or an artificial one, the patina effects would definitely bring the historical vibes to your space, and that can not be found in any other conventional urn planters.

Besides, urns with Patina are always in style and can be used in homes of all styles. From the very traditional to the super contemporary, users can choose to place them solely as an alluring centerpiece or mix them with new items for a great juxtaposition of textures.

Combining fresh and shiny items with aged ones would help add character to your interior by transforming it into a modern yet full of charm and history from the past.

Patina urn planters are the ideal addition to your living space regardless of any aesthetics, with sophisticated aesthetic and stylish appeal. But since the market is offering a variety of those, remember to be careful picking one for the sake of long-term use.

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