Lamp post casting: ODM Procedure

ODM Lamp post manufacturer

Vietnam Cast Iron is the OEM and ODM lamp post manufacturer. Check this post to find how we process an ODM lamp post casting order.

Vietnam Cast Iron is the lamp post manufacturer and supplier for the world’s need. Our production capacity comes in a variety of lighting post application (such as for garden decoration, for street illumination, bridge highlighting, etc).

Besides the OEM service, Vietnam Cast Iron has the excellent design team who can work on any lighting post drawing and customer’s requirement.

At this post, Vietnam Cast Iron introduces the ODM procedure of casting lamp post at our foundry. If you are in need, don’t hesitate to send us a request.

STEP 1: Receive the customer’s requirement

In the first step, Vietnam Cast Iron receives the customer’s request mainly through the email address. You can send inquiries or specific requirements/specifications to our contact.

STEP 2: Analyze the request

Our technical expert will read and analyze the customer’s requirements. He will work directly with the customer to understand their need as well as discuss alternative solutions if needs.

STEP 3: Provide the draft drawing

Aluminum pattern design
The lamp post drawing

Our design team will work on the customer’s requirement and provide the 2D and 3D drawings for each lighting post component.

The drawing will be sent to the customer after 2-3 working days.

STEP 4: Discuss with the customer

After sending the drawing, Vietnam Cast Iron discusses with the customer about the lighting post drawing. The customer checks again specifications as well as design. We will confirm again the requirement for the material, surface quality, coating, machining, etc.

STEP 5: Making the pattern

Making the lamppost pattern

After confirm in step 4, the design team will transfer the drawing as well as all the requirements to the lamp post manufacturing foundry.

Our tooling worker will receive and start to make the lamp post pattern. The tooling for lamppost is mainly made from aluminum and processed by the CNC machine.

This process will take 10 to 20 days depending on how complicated of the pattern.

STEP 6: Sample casting and quality check

Once the pattern is ready, it is transferred to our casting facility to make the sample. Next, we check the quality of the sample, assess the casting process, figure out the limitations (if there are any), and find out the solution.

We will make another sample if the first testing still remains casting defects.

STEP 7: Confirm with the customer about the sample quality

After the sample casting process, we will take the picture and video to send to the customer. If there are any concerns relating to the casting, we will work to discuss with the customer to find further solutions.

If convenient, the customer also can book a visit trip to our foundry to check the sample casting quality as well as our production capacity.

STEP 8: Mass production

Lamp post Mass production
Lamp post mass production in VIC

Once the customer confirms the sample lamp post casting, we will start mass production. The manufacturing time is depending on the order quantity and specific requirements.

If you are looking for an ODM lamp post manufacturer to the world market, feel free to send a request to our email address [email protected]. Our technical expert will work on your requirement and discuss to find the casting solution for your lamp post order.

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