Review top 4 cast iron dumbbell manufacturers and companies to the USA market

Top 4 cast iron dumbbell brands to us

Are you looking for a cast iron dumbbell manufacturers to the USA? Here we list down and review the top 4 famous casting dumbbell companies and brands that located or exported to the US. Check our post and specify which weight manufacturers you should put your trust in.

If someone asks about flexible fitness equipment, it must name the dumbbell. We don’t negate that the weight machines are good but not everyone can afford its price. Oppositely, the dumbbell is more economical and provides unlimited variation. The dumbbell can be used for almost all muscle exercises and at any place either in the gym, at home, or even when traveling.

See the full body workout exercise with just one dumbbell within 20 minutes:

However, when deciding to buy a set of dumbbells, it may come to be complicated. You would realize that there are a lot of things to concerns such as material, shape, design, and definitely brand. Browse for a few minutes on the internet, you may get lost in hundreds of dumbbell companies and weight brands. That would make you confused about which dumbbell manufacturers are good? Catch your thought, we are here to provide you support.

Scroll down this post, here we bring to the table and review the top 4 famous cast iron dumbbell manufacturers and suppliers to the USA. You will find the pros and cons of each dumbbell companies plus overall adjustment. The measurement is based on the data collecting from the buyer’s comments on the product.

Are cast iron dumbbells good for the workout?

Cast iron dumbbell comes in two main types that are fixed weight (one-piece) and adjustable weight. The fixed weight consists of hexagonal and round shapes in which the hex dumbbell is more versatile and favorite.

Cast iron dumbbells, among other weight materials, are the perfect weight training equipment that supports strength and muscle exercise most effectively. The cast iron weights are robust and tough plus they offer the proper mass giving the exerciser the feeling of weight and stimulate muscle growth.

Also, it has to count the excellent durability of cast iron weight. You only need to pay for once, your cast iron will last a lifetime. Obviously, the cast iron weight is a star in the sky. Don’t hesitate to make an order to transform your body.

The only weakness of cast iron dumbbells is that they may upset your floor as well as the gym facilities due to its hard construction. However, you can find the solution by looking for the cast iron dumbbell with the rubber/neoprene coating layers to avoid this above concern.

Who makes cast iron dumbbells for the USA market?

There are hundreds of dumbbell suppliers in both online and physical stores. It is likely an open market and you may confuse about their product quality.

Here we narrow and list down the top 4 famous cast iron dumbbell manufacturers and companies to the USA in random order. The list includes both retailer and wholesaler so that either you are an exerciser would like to buy a set of dumbbell for workout or you are the gym owner/ fitness supplier/vendor looking for the bulk up production, you will find the worth measurement at this post.

1. CAP Barbell

Cast iron dumbbell from CAP Barbell
Cast iron dumbbell from CAP Barbell

Who they are?

If you know weightlifting, you know CAP Barbell. Yes, it is definitely well-known dumbbell brand in America.

CAP Barbell specializes in distributing and providing fitness equipment. From its inception that dates 25 years ago, Cap Barbell has broaden its products from just free weight and weight bench to more than 1000 products in over 30 categories of weight training equipment, strength equipment, plyometrics boxes, medicine balls, storage racks, mats, inversion tables, and much more.

They have fulfillment centers across North American including Los Angeles, Houston, Toronto, Newark, Chicago and Savannah.


  • There are both hex fixed weight cast iron dumbbell and adjustable cast iron dumbbells with full weight options (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15-120 Lbs in 5 Lb increments). The fixed weight comes in full set with rack.
Rack of dumbbells CAP Barbell
Adjustable dumbbells from CAP Barbell
  • Reasonable price. You will have to pay about 0.99 USD/pound for 50 Lbs and under, and 1.05 USD/pound for 55 Lbs to 120 Lbs.  Check the catalog with the full price here:
  • Consists of both contoured and polished gripping selection.
  • Baked-enamel coating creates a protective barrier against rust, chipping, and dents.
  • There is a hex cast iron dumbbell with a rubber coat for alternative choice.
  • Cap Barbell is both a retailer and a wholesaler.
  • There are many distributors across the USA.


  • Cheap quality. Spend a few minutes to scroll down the customer’s review on Amazon, you may be shocked that the claim toward the CAP barbell fixed weight cast iron dumbbell overwhelms compliment.
Cast iron dumbbell review cap barbell

Read full comment about CAP Barbell Cast iron Hex dumbbell here:

Same claim to the adjustable dumbbell:

Read full comment about CAP Barbell Cast iron Adjustable dumbbell here:

Overall Measurement: 1/5 point

The reason I give 1 point to cast iron dumbbell from CAP Barbell is that there is too much dislike for the quality. You should not bet your money on a cheap product like this. I do agree that CAP Barbell is a reputable dumbbell brand with many excellent products but not cast iron dumbbell. You can consider their rubber coating as an alternative option.

Where to buy cast iron dumbbell of Cap Barbell?

It is very easy to look for CAP barbell cast iron dumbbells. Here we list down some online links that help you convenient to check and adjust by you own.




2. Golden Cast Iron (made in the USA)

Who are they?

Golden Cast Iron is the consumer division of Golden Foundry that founded in 1882. They have 138 years of experience in manufacturing cast iron products specializing in dumbbell, kettlebell, kamado grills, and fire pits. Golden Cast Iron is one of the very rare cast iron dumbbell manufacturers that Made in the USA.


  • Well-made quality. I have nothing to complain about the Golden cast iron dumbbell quality. Their dumbbell is manufactured from the highest quality of American-made ductile iron and added a black coat. The surface finish is amazing. Proper weight is offered. The surface is added to the weight number and the logo plus the “Made in USA” line on the two sides of the dumbbell.
Cast iron dumbbells from Golden Cast Iron


  • Expensive price. Yes, its high-end quality comes with a costly price. A pair of 5lb cast iron dumbbell costs 20 USD. On average, you will have to pay 2 USD for every 1 pound. 
  • Golden Cast Iron provides the only hex fixed weight cast iron dumbbell which means you will not have many options.
  • Limited in weight. Currently, they just offer the weight from 5lb to 50lb in 5 Lb increments.
  • Long shipping time. As they estimate, it will take 10-15 days to ship from their facility (located in Columbus, Georgia) to your place due to high demand and order volume. So, you will have to wait.

Overall Measurement: 4/5 point

If you are looking for a pair or full set of hex cast iron dumbbell, highly recommend the Golden Cast iron.  Although Golden Cast Iron dumbbell limits in design plus long shipping time and expensive, their product still deserves even ten stars due to the excellent quality. Its price is double that of other suppliers, but it is cost-effective.

However, Golden Cast Iron is merely a dumbbell retailer. If you are looking for a dumbbell wholesaler for the bulk up order they are not who you need.

Where to buy?

Golden Cast Iron distributes their cast iron dumbbell through their only website. Here is the link for you better check:

3. Vietnam Cast Iron

Who are they?

Vietnam Cast Iron located in Vietnam is the OEM and ODM casting foundry specializing in cast iron products. Their core product focuses on lamp posts, counterweight, dumbbell, and kettlebell.

Vietnam cast iron dumbbell comes in two main types that are fixed weight (both round and hex shape) and weight plates for the adjustable dumbbell. Focus on North America and Europe, VIC is one of the reliable OEM casting dumbbell manufacturers to the USA.

Cast iron dumbbells from VIC
Cast iron dumbbells from VIC
Cast iron dumbbells from VIC

Min order: 10 tons

Refer more about them via link


  • Competitive price. The price of the dumbbell product is very competitive compared to its Chinese counterparts.
  • High-quality casting dumbbell. What I am proud of is that the Vietnam Cast Iron dumbbell always guarantees quality. Every casting process is strictly supervised and every piece of product is quality-screened.
  • Vietnam Cast iron is the OEM dumbbell manufacturers so that you can add your own idea such as logo, brand sign, etc. to make your dumbbell unique; plus they customize cast iron dumbbell design and weight as you wish.


  • Min order quantity is high. They only process the order that over 10 tons.
  • Because they are the OEM manufacturer so the product is not always in stock. You have to wait 1-2 months for the production. The production capacity of the Vietnam cast iron dumbbell is 800 tons/ per month.

Overall Measurement: 4/5 point

If you are looking for a cast iron dumbbell manufacturers for a large order, highly recommend Vietnam Cast Iron as one of the reliable dumbbell suppliers to the USA. Comparing to others, their products meet both cost and quality criteria. Also, keep in mind that Vietnam Cast Iron doesn’t sell in pairs or racks, their min order quantity is 10 tons.

Where to buy Vietnam Cast Iron dumbbell?

Vietnam Cast Iron directly distributes cast iron dumbbell to the customer without through a third party so that if you are in need, do contact them via email at [email protected]

4. Shanxi regent Work Inc.

Who are they?

Shanxi regent Work Inc. is the free weight training equipment manufacturer in China. They have two production bases in Taiyuan and Taigu of Shanxi province. Their product is mainly in categories of dumbbell, kettle bell, barbell set, and weight plate.

Min order: 1000kg.


  • Cheap price
  • They provide many alternative options such as with rubber/PVC coating.


  • The product’s quality is uncertain. I spent the time browsing their website and hope to find their actual casting dumbbell photos but the result is only here. (Well, I know it is very to blur pics but there are no other image sources. If you can find more pic, please share).
Cast iron dumbbells from Shanxi regent Work Inc.
  • Another weakness is their dumbbell limits in weight. Maximize is 10kg (22lb).

Overall measurement: 3/5 point

I give Shanxi regent Work Inc. cast iron dumbbell 3/5 points because of their low price. As same to Vietnam Cast Iron, the Shanxi regent Work Inc. is the dumbbell manufacturer and wholesaler so they will not sell in pairs or small quantities. Their min order is 1 ton. So if you are looking for a large quantity supplier, so can contact them to discuss more. I am not sure about their dumbbell quality but do check and compare.

Also keep in your mind that, if you import product from China, they will be heavily tax imposed from the US’s government due to the trade war. So make a wise calculation before confirming the order.

Where to buy Shanxi regent Work Inc.’s cast iron dumbbell?

You can check their website and contact the person in charge through their official website. Find the link here:

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