How Vietnam Cast Iron is Respond to COVID-19?

Covid 19 impact on cast iron

Dear our customer,

The COVID-19 has impacted countless to all of us. It has changed the way we live and what we could imagine about a crisis not seen in modern times before. What we know about this virus is that no matter who you are, where you come from, and whatever your background, everyone is at risk.

How COVID-19 affect us?

The Coronavirus pandemic affected all the industries and companies across the globe, and Vietnam Cast Iron being no exception.

Vietnam Cast Iron business is 100% upon international export activity with the main target in North American and Europe. Although the pandemic has controlled well in Vietnam and people almost back to normal, the USA and European countries (our main partners) are still struggling with the virus.

An international export company of course does not enable to work well while its partner is suffering.

Many of our projects were on the process but have to be postponed because our partners’ businesses have to close for an uncertain period. Numerous visiting schedules to verify the production capacity also were canceled due to flight restriction. As result, our production and business activities are affected severely.

How we work on responding?   

COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on all of us and no one could provide an exact answer that when the world will back to normal. However, life is still going on and we have to adapt to survive.

People are at the heart of our business. Therefore, the health and safety of our employees, business partners and the communities where we operate is extremely important for us.

During the time when pandemic boomed in Vietnam, we strictly complied the government guidance on protecting our employee’s health. We equip enough temperature check equipment, mask, hand sanitizer in every our facilities to minimize the virus spreading.

At our foundries, we try to provide financial support to our worker as much as we can. We didn’t cut down single of worker and encourage them together with us surpass this hard period.

At the same time, we spent this gap time enhancing the know-how and skill of our managers and workers. We opened advanced training for the designer, mold maker, machining constructer, etc.

More importantly, we have worked with our partners seriously. We expressed our sufferings and figured out the best solutions to help each other overcome this world breakdown. We understand that only if our partner survives and develops, we will survive and develop; so that we provide support all the way.

Our manufacture and business are back step by step

At this present, when the world starts adapting with the COVID 19, our manufacture and business activity are also recovering step by step. Good news come every day such as some of our previous locked project is opened back; new customers make a schedule for visiting the foundry; new projects also comes into the process, etc.

Although the activity does not reach 100% capacity as before, we are fully operational at this time. Hence feel free to contact us to discuss a project, at the present we are able to meet your needs.

Regarding transportation conditions, Vietnam has opened transport routes both sea and air shipping to Europe and North American. So that, we can guarantee the delivery well on time to our partners.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to your support during these trying and uncertain times. The Vietnam Cast Iron team is still here, still healthy and manufacture daily. Hope the world will back to normal soon and we are so excited to look forward our cooperation upcoming.


Vietnam Cast Iron Company Limited

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