My Dong casting town: The origin of foundries in Vietnam

My Dong traditional casting village in Vietnam

My Dong traditional casting town has hundreds of years of tradition. It is well-known as the hub of metal casting foundries in Vietnam. Today My dong casting town serves a variety of industries including construction, transportation, agriculture, industry, marine, etc.

My Dong is a traditional casting craft town of My Dong, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. The metal casting was formed very early here, was the most famous in the region, maintained, and developed to this day. It is so-called as the craft village that “the king knows the face, the country remembers the name” (Vietnamese saying).

The My Dong traditional craft village has gone through up and down centuries since the formation to develop incredible as today.

Formation and Development of My Dong Casting village

Before 1955

Like other rural areas, forging in My Dong was formed very early with products serving people’s daily life and agricultural activity such as knives, sickles, hoes, spades, shovels,… However, the key forging product at that time was boat nails.

The casting profession in My Dong was formed later, from the beginning of the XX century, when villagers learned the know-how from skilled craftsmen to casting plowshares and hoes in the village.

Since then, the casting and forging profession in My Dong has developed rapidly, becoming a traditional profession and the livelihood of many households in the commune.

By 1945, the village participated in the production of weapons for the war against the French. Also, many skilled craftsmen of the village participated in the weapons factories of the Vietnamese army. However, due to the influence of the war, during this period, the craft village was severely damaged.

The period of 1955 – 1975

In 1955, after the war against the French ended in the North, the craft villages were restored and developed in the form of individuals and family crafts.

By 1959, it formed a joint cooperation to produce cookwares to serve the daily needs and agricultural tools such as spicy blades, hoes, weapons, details of printers, ship propellers, boat nails… supplied to Hai Phong and Northern provinces.

Since 1965, in destructive war conditions, the trade village has maintained and developed, creating products for agricultural production and national defense.

The period of 1976 – 1985

After the Resistance War Against America ended, the craft village focused on technical improvement, self-made machinery and equipment; gradually mechanized and electrified production; and produced a variety of products for daily use, defense, agricultural mechanics, transportation, etc.

The period of 1986 – 1995

Since 1986, when Vietnam reformed and encouraged the development of the private and family economy, casting and forging in My Dong village continued to be maintained and developed towards the private and the households.

In 1990, My Dong village had over 40 private casting households, 50 forging households, 5 mechanical households and 4 business groups.

In addition, the casting and forging products of My Dong have gradually approached the market well. The products produced have a good consumption and the casting and forging profession develops year by year. By 1995, the whole commune had 60 households working in casting, 80 households working in forging, 6 households working in mechanics, 02 casting factories, and 06 production complexes.

From 1996 up to now – Production capacity

My Dong Casting village Formation and Development

Since 1996, in My Dong, small and medium-sized mechanical enterprises and cooperatives have been quickly formed. The casting and forging products are diversified and sophisticated with many items and types serving the domestic market and for export.

In 2000, the whole commune had 67 casting households (of which about 50% of casting households for export), 28 households doing mechanics, 35 households forging, and 01 steel-making facility.

Since 2001, My Dong has developed and become the handicraft village industrial park of Hai Phong City. Currently, My Dong has nearly 200 small and medium-sized enterprises operating in production and business in the field of casting and mechanical processing.

The My Dong casting and forging village today serves in a variety of industries including construction, transportation, agriculture, marine, industry, etc with high-quality products like street furniture, machine details, cookware, machining, electric motor shell, etc.

Besides, My Dong has developed the production of steel structures, welding materials (welding rods, welding wire), ship equipment such as fireproof doors, boilers, hatch covers, deck equipment, pipe fittings, anchor chains, anchors, hydraulic motor, polyester fiber, engine parts, gearbox product, pump housing, ship propeller, metal equipment…

Each month, the village produces 50,000 tons of products for the domestic market and exports to the USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Recognition and Award

My Dong craft village has greatly contributed to My Dong Commune being awarded the Second Class Labor Medal by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Foundries in Vietnam

Vietnam Cast iron Foundry in My Dong Casting Village
Vietnam Cast iron Foundry in My Dong Casting Village

Vietnam Cast Iron was born and grow up at My Dong craft village. Being inherited casting skills and experiences accumulating from generation to generation, we proud to continue our great grandfather’s traditional profession.

Vietnam Cast Iron is developed from the casting family household and expanded to one of the leading companies in metal casting in Vietnam. We specialize in manufacturing OEM products upon customer’s drawings and requirements. Our strength production of the industry can name such as street furniture, marine, machining, transportation, etc.

At our foundry, we open tightly inspection from the raw material to every single process to guarantee whatever we manufacture it is of high quality. Each foundry facility is under supervision of expertise manager who have at least 20 years of working experience in the casting industry.

Vietnam Cast Iron works with the mission that not only to do business but also promote and preserve the traditional craft of the family as well as of the My Dong craft village. Hence, we always look forward to developing the My Dong casting brand beyond the Vietnam border.

An coopertation with Vietnam Cast Iron will definitely worth your money. Contact us today, we promise to deliver beyond your expectation.

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