Lamp post defects: rust, corrosion, wrap, crack, rotting

Top 3 Common Defects on Low Quality Lamp post | Guide to choosing Lighting post

The manufacturing process affects pretty much on the lamp post quality. A short summary of the common defects on low-quality lamp post and guides on …

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The standard outdoor lamp post height

What is the standard outdoor lamp post height?

Lamp post height comes in a variety of sizes and designs. 2m, 4m, 6m, 10m, or even 12m. So how tall lamp post is suitable …

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Structure of the lamppost

Lamp post components | How to manufacture?

Lamp post component is manufactured by the metal casting process. Producing a qualified lighting post to adapt both quality and safety standards requires very complex …

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What is Cast iron

Understanding cast iron casting

Cast iron casting has such a long tradition in the metalworking industry. It is very common in foundries for various applications. From street furniture, marine …

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lamppost made by Vietnam Cast iron

What is a lamp post made of?

The best lamp post material for landscape decoration and lighting are introduced. Also, advice on how to choose a suitable outdoor post lighting material for …

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Lamp post supplier to US

Lamp post Manufacturer & Supplier to the USA market

Vietnam Cast Iron is a lamp post manufacturer to the USA market. Our products are not only beneficial to American customers by high quality but …

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