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Lamp post is a common item functioning for lighting and decoration with numerous applications in life. Vietnam Cast Iron is one of the world-class suppliers of  lamppost products. Our products vary in styles and designs, mainly made from cast iron and aluminum, and customize to suitable for every taste.

Lamp post is an essential item in the lighting system. Street light illuminates the night for visibility, safety, and security. It is also a commonly used item for landscape decoration.

Cast iron lamp post is one of the core products of Vietnam Cast Iron. Our cast iron light post is outstanding by fashioned design, excellent quality, and competitive price. We mainly provide cast iron lamppost and aluminum lamppost.

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Application of lamp post in life

Lamp post is a very common item with various applications in life. It is easy to find cast iron light post installations everywhere from residential towns, highways, sidewalks, parks to gardens.

Street lighting

Street lighting
Street lighting

Street light’s main function is to illuminate the street helping to maintain safety and security for the driver, rider, and pedestrian. Many studies have shown that the darkness decreases the insight of the vehicle’s driver and increases traffic accident risk.

Hence, the installation of the post light on the street creates convenience and safety for the traffic, thereby contributing to reducing unexpected accidents. Installation of the street light also contributes to reducing the crime rate.

Indoor lighting

Lamp posts are also applied to indoor lighting installations, for example, houses, offices, and factories.

Indoor lamp post
Indoor lamp post

Landscape decoration

Besides the lighting function, the cast iron light post is also commonly used for landscape decoration.

Being various in design, cast iron post light is often used to enhance aesthetics and create highlights for functional areas such as gardens, parks, exterior, etc.


Landscape decoration
Landscape decoration

Lamp post component

A lamp post usually includes three main parts: foundation, pole, and head.


Lamp post foundation drawing
Lamp post foundation drawing

The foundation frame is one of the most important parts of the lighting pole structure.

The role of the foundation is the same as when building a house we have to build the foundation. They help make your house stronger and more solid.

The same is true for the foundation frame, which makes the post light stand more stable outside. The lamp post foundation is to ensure the safety of the light pole.

The foundation frame is usually made of cast iron and linked together in the form of diagonal lines.

Light post varies from different styles and specifications, therefore, the size of the foundation is also different in the thickness, depth, and width of the foundation frame.

When installing, the foundation is buried underground with a standard depth of 1.0 – 1.2m depending on the climate and topography of the area.


The pole of the cast iron lamp post includes the light post base and body.

Light post base: It is usually made of cast iron with high strength to help support and withstand the weight of the lamp body and top.

The post base will usually be machined and covered with paint according to customer requirements.

A sample of lamp base
A sample of lamp base
A sample of lamp post base
A sample of lamp post base

Light post body: The post body is one of the important parts of the lighting structure.

Street lights posts need to be able to withstand ice, wind, and rain. Rust-resistant metals or a protective coat of paint can help preserve the post against the elements.

The body of the lamp post can be made of different materials such as cast aluminum, stainless cast steel, cast iron, etc.

The surface of the pole is usually covered with a layer of colored paint. The paint layer helps to ensure aesthetics and maintain the durability of the light post.


The head of the lamp post is the light bulb section with decorative patterns, caps, and finials.

This part comes in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Lamp post head
Lamp post head
A sample of lamp post head
A sample of lamp post head

In addition to these listed above, there are also a number of other lighting pole accessories used for lighting such as light-up wire, bearing twisted plastic pipe, electric panel, lighting control cabinet, …

At Vietnam Cast Iron, we are able to produce all the main parts of the lamp post. We can offer a full set of post lights, along with accessories.

Lamp post design and style

Lamp posts come in many shapes and styles. They range the simplest square lights that don’t draw attention to Victorian-style lamps that look like they could have been taken from a movie set.

They also come with different features, modes, and levels of power.

Lamp posts vary in styles and designs
Lamp posts vary in styles and designs

At Vietnam Cast Iron, we can manufacture and supply a huge range of cast iron street post light in various styles and designs.

Our lamp post products are mainly made from cast iron and aluminum materials.

Whether you are looking to reinforce and beautify your existing sign or wish for either traditional style or modern feature, we have everything you need.

We can also customize your order, with branding, insignias, or logos, so your order is completely coordinated, your design totally unique.

How to choose a suitable lamp post with your purpose?

Choose according to the purpose of use: Lamp posts vary from style to size depending on their applications.

For example, there are cast lamp posts specially designed aiming at decoration purpose and some do basic lighting. Consider why you need to install the light post that will help optimize the function of the post and avoid being confused in hundreds of styles of post light.

Choose according to the height of the post: The height of the light pole is usually not the same. In the areas with strong wind speed, you should avoid choosing too high posts.

Choose according to brands: Currently, there are many brands that provide lighting poles. You can consider a good brand too limit the situation of buying poor quality products.

Why you should choose Vietnam Cast Iron's lamp post products?

Vietnam Cast Iron is the manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of the cast iron lamp post and aluminum lamp post. Our street light applies to modern technological lines, use high-class raw materials, meet fully technical criteria for quality, and guarantee competitive prices.

Lamp post-produced by Vietnam Cast Iron
Lamp post-produced by Vietnam Cast Iron

At Vietnam Cast Iron, we produce customized cast iron and aluminum lamp posts following featured by:

  • Strong construction
  • Easy to Install
  • High strength
  • Rust resistance
  • Best grade material used
  • Flawless finish
  • Quality tested

An order with Vietnam Cast Iron will save you money upfront and long term. Call us today to find out how we can make your project exceptional.

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