LP06 Italian Retro Outside 2 Bulb Decorative Lamp post

LP06 Italian Retro Outside 3 Bulb Decorative Lamp post is eye-catching by its antique pretty appearance. Featuring a cast iron base and aluminum pole & arm.

The fixture is charming and timeless with excellent casting and coating process.

With the post light LP06, your outdoor spaces will be dressed up to increase the curb appeal. It is such great furniture for the street, historic place, residential, museum.

MOQ 10pcs
Supply Ability 100,000pcs per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Product Specification

Name LP06 Italian Retro Outside 2 Bulb Historic Museum Decorative Lamp post
Manufacturer Vietnam Cast iron Company Limited
Material Base is Cast iron, Pole and arm are aluminum
Light 2 Bulb
Color Black, Green, Blue, Gray
Flange Shape Round
Uses Street, historic place, residential, museum.

Note: We are the manufacturer so if you want to buy individual parts of this Lamppost, we can fulfill your request.

How to buy LP06 Italian Retro Outside 2 Bulb Decorative Lamppost?

In order to buy this light pole, you can click the button “Request Quote” or contact us via Email[email protected]


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