MA05 CNC Machining of Ductile Iron Unloader Heads

At Vietnam Cast Iron, we provide OEM precision CNC machining services to the Gas Compression Equipment Industry. For example, we machined ductile iron unloader heads for our customers in the gas compression equipment industry.

MOQ 10 ton
Supply Ability 1000 ton per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Unloader heads are essential in handling the pressure in a compressor; they must perform flawlessly and stand up to harsh environments in the field.

Each unloader head measures 22.005″ in outer diameter by 8.443″ high. We started with the initial roughcasting, and then finished the part using our precision CNC turning equipment before drilling and tapping them in our CNC milling machine. The finished pieces have a surface finish of 63 RMS on all machined surfaces and meet dimensional tolerances of +/-.004″.

How to order CNC Machining of Ductile Iron casting?

Please feel free to send us an inquiry and drawing to our email address [email protected]. Our technical expert will catch you in the working time (GMT+7).


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