LB02-Italy Cast Iron Decorative Street Litter Bin

LB02 Italy Cast Iron Decorative Street Litter Bin is outstanding with its stylish design. Featuring round medium size, this trash bin is great street furniture for many installations, from the park, shopping mall, sidewalk, etc.

The surface treatment is customized upon requests.

MOQ 50 pcs
Production Ability 500.000 pcs per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Products Specification

Manufacturer Vietnam Cast iron Company
Material Cast Iron
Height 1200mm or Customized
Diameter 620mm or Customized
Inner Basket Stainless Steel
Uses Street

For sale: LB02-Italy Cast Iron Decorative Street Waste Bin

To buy this cast iron dustbin, you can contact us via email: [email protected], or fill up the Request Form by clicking the button “Request Quote” above.


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