OT04 Cast Iron Valve Box Lids

Valve box lids are used to cover the access to “shut off ” water valves in the ground. OT04 Cast Iron Valve Box Lids is cast from durable cast iron, able to bear regular vehicle traffic. We supply OEM valve box lids upon customer’s drawings and requirements.

MOQ 1 ton
Supply Ability 5,000 ton per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Product Specification

Manufacturer Vietnam Cast Iron Company Limited
Material Cast iron
Chain material Steel
Casting technology
Furan casting, Green sand casting, Lost foam casting
Diameter 5”, 6”, 8” or Customized
Coating Blue, Green, Black (or Customized)

How to buy OT04 Cast Iron Valve Box Lids?

To order this valve box lid, press the button “Request Quote” or email us at [email protected] to meet our technical expert.


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