MC40 Customized Concreteable Square Recessed Manhole Cover EN124

MC40 Manhole Cover is often used for decoration. Featuring ductile Iron GGG 500-7 tray, it allows to fill in the concrete or other materials for aethestic.

This recessed cover is suitable to place in the pavement, patio, sidewalk to enhance the landscape.

MOQ 10 ton
Production Ability 1000 ton per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Product specification

Manufacturer Vietnam Cast Iron Company Limited
Dimension Customized
Material Ductile Iron GGG 500-7
Standard EN124
Class B125 / C250
Application Pavement, Pedestrian area, Kerb or Verge area

How to buy MC40 Customized Concreteable Square Manhole Cover EN124?

To order this manhole cover, you can send us your request including product name, quantity, drawing, desired price,…to our mail: [email protected], or you also can fill into the form”Request Quote” by clicking the request button above.


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