MC02 Square Ductile Iron Access Manhole Cover C250

Usage: Car parks, forecourts, industrial sites, and areas with slow-moving traffic. Also in highway locations up to 500mm from the kerb and up to 200mm into the verge, excluding motorways.


  • Manufactured to BS EN124 Class C250
  • 25 Tonne Safe Test Load
  • Round cover & square frame
  • Ductile iron for improved weight to strength ratio
  • The customized coated finish & logo commercially
MOQ 20 ton
Production Ability  500 ton per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Product dimension

Length 150 – 305mm
Width 150 – 305mm
Depth 60 – 75mm
Tube diameter 45 – 95mm
Bottom diameter 45 – 100mm
Class C250
Ductile Iron GGG 500-7

How to buy MC02 Square Ductile Iron Drain Cover

In order to buy this manhole cover, you can contact us via: [email protected]


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