B07 Cast Iron Bench End for Outdoor Furniture


  • Cast from standard cast iron
  • Black coating surface finish
  • Sturdy, hard, enough for 3-4 people sitting at the same time
  • Timeless and charming
MOQ 10 ton
Production Ability 500 ton per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Product Specification

Manufacturer Vietnam Cast Iron Company Limited
Length 2000mm
Width 605mm
Height 797mm
Weight 62Kg
Material Cast Iron
Application Outdoor furniture

How to buy B07 Cast Iron Bench End for Outdoor Furniture?

Vietnam Cast iron is the OEM manufacturer. If you are interested in cast iron bench ends, don’t hesitate to send us an email to [email protected]. Our technical expert will work on your requirement and give a quote accordingly.


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