AL08 Cast Aluminum Glove Mold for Bulk Production

Usage: Glove Mold for Labor Glove Dipping & Producing


  • Accurate Dimension
  • Smooth surface
  • Good design according to dipping type
  • Durable and cost-effective
MOQ 10 ton
Production Ability 1000 ton per month
Delivery time 15-25 days (depends on objective factors)

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Vietnam Cast Iron Company Limited is a leading foundry in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing and exporting cast iron & aluminum products around the world.

We also do OEM Aluminum service as a customer request.

In order to buy AL08 Aluminum Alloy Glove Mold Bulk Production, you can send your request to our contact info.

Contact us to buy Cast aluminum Glove Mold:

Name: Vietnam Cast Iron Company Limited


Email[email protected]

Phone: +84 86 543 0133


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