Vietnam cast iron

Vietnam cast iron

Vietnam cast iron is a manufacturer and casting iron in Vietnam

With high quality and value, our casting products have been pleasing customers big in Europe, North America, Japan ...

Vietnam cast iron co.,ltd  contribute to industry development iron casting industry in Vietnam.

We look forward to working with manufacturers, commercial businesses, and investors.
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Location :    The factory at Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong city, approximately 120 km from Hanoi to our factory.


- Casting iron: 500 Ton/ month and main product is grey iron - standard GG10, GG20, GG30, GG35.

- Casting aluminium: 50 ton/ month.

- Casting steel: C40, C45, 42CD4: 100 Ton/ month.


produces grey castings for Agricultural and Construction Machinery, residential and industrial Stoves and Boilers, and some metal castings for Pumps and Valves, Pipe Fittings, Manholes and Tugboats etc.

+ Counterweights, pulleys, hubs, manhole covers, surface box.

+ Cast iron parts for agriculture.

+ Cast iron parts for construction industry.

+ Cast iron gas stove accessories

+ Column lights, Lamp posts

+ Gas fitting, drain assembly

+ Railings, fences

VIC considered top quality satisfied customers is a solid step for the sustainable development of the Company.

Corporate leaders committed to continuously improving product quality to better satisfy all customer requirements.

"We always listen to comments from customers, your satisfaction is our development!"