Cambridge Roller

Cambridge roller are casted in Vietnam foundry.
We are mass produce and have many different model.

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Cam rings
Casting wheel for tractor Material: Grey iron: GG20; GG25, GG30 ( EU standard: EN-GJL 200; EN..
Cambridge ring
Cambridge ring
Roller is used for landscaping the soil by breaking the soil and rolling the field. When applied ..
Cambridge ring
The Cambridge land rollers are implements made for a homogenous and effective soil compacting as ..
Cambridge ring 153
Cambridge ring 153 ..
Cambridge ring 154
Cambridge ring 154 ..
Cambridge ring 15485
Cambridge ring 15485 ..
Cambridge ring 85
Cambridge ring 85 ..
Cast iron roller
Crosskill ring
Nockenring roller ..
Packer ring
Standard equipment: 3-point linkage cat. II chain for roller pulling ..
Roller ring
Roller ring ..
Roller ring
Cambridge rings Ø 450 mm Cambridge rings Ø 500 mm Cambridge rings Ø 530 mm ..