Molding sand

"Technology molding sand" sand casting molds can say is a traditional casting methods. The material is mainly sand, additives can come create separate names for each method separately. Here is the sand casting method

1. Green sand casting technology

        Perhaps fresh sand was first used sand mold technology. Materials to make molds of sand clay water. Fresh sand is characterized by ease of use, the surface will be smooth castings if sand grain size small shirt. But due to the molding process need to beat to get the sample template, molded products will be highly redundant processing large. Especially fresh mold lines were automated.

2. Technology framework

In the technology framework if fresh face in the kiln drying brings about 5am before pouring is also known as a dry campus

Here to introduce you to the technology of water glass sand hardened by carbon dioxide. Water glass, also known as sodium silicate solution was mixed before grinding into sand molds. Once the mold is complete, leave the mold spray solid carbon dioxide to leave. This is due to a chemical reaction between sodium silicate and carbon dioxide and water (the reaction between acid and alkaline) the water glass sand mold technology easy to do, easy to use products with less redundant processing, molding solid has been widely used in most molding companies across the country. Only downside is recycled sand problem is to note

Smelting metal

Pour metal into molds

The finished products.