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Letter of appreciation

The first, Viet Nam Cast Iron Co.,Ltd  send customers like to greetings health and warmest greetings!

Our company would also like to express our sincere thanks to customers and will allow us to become a partner and has won the trust and support the products that our company provided. 
Viet Nam Cast Iron Co.,Ltd activities in the field of metal casting and machining. The company's main products include gray iron casting in Vietnam and International standards.

In recent years, the company has continually strive to become one of the leading companies in this field. Over the years of operation, with knowledge, efficiency, innovation and trust we are constantly searching to achieve innovation, efficiency, quality and progress of the product. Therefore, the company has continually developed in all aspects of company reputation is increasingly high, the company's market continues to expand throughout the country and exported to markets in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea ...

At present, our country - especially economy is heavily influenced by the global economic slowdown and turmoil, filled with political disputes taking place in the world. This has caused difficulties to the operation of the business requires more than ever in this time of need now is unity, cooperation, empathy and sharing. Now, 
Viet Nam Cast Iron  would like to send an open letter to customers this quarter, with the desire Customers have more choices and we are adding new clientele.

Look forward to the cooperation from our customers!

Best regards!

Mr Dinh Tien Vu

President & General Director

  • Manhole cover
  • Cambridge Roller
  • tree grate
  • Surface box
  • manhole cover
  • valve box